Mariah Carey Blasted by Fans After ‘Disastrous’ Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade Performance

Mariah Carey has been criticized for her “disastrous” Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade performance in New York City.

This came after the star tried to trademark herself as the “Queen of Christmas”.

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Mariah Carey is a legendary pop singer.

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He is known for his remarkable vocal range.

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His amazing abilities come from his mother.

The star’s mother was a vocal coach and former opera singer, and Carey began performing as a toddler.

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In 1987, he graduated from high school in Greenlawn, New York.

She moved to New York City to pursue her singing dream.

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Carey made a demo tape that led to Columbia Records executive Tommy Mottola signing him in 1988.


Not only this, but both got married in 1993.

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His debut album in 1990 was titled Drop. Mariah Carey.

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These music genres included gospel, pop, and rhythm and blues.


His debut album became a huge success.

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The following year, Carey earned herself Grammy Awards for ‘Best New Artist’ and ‘Best Female Pop Vocalist’.

The same year he won a Grammy, he released another song titled ‘Emotions’.

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It became her fifth consecutive chart-topping single.

Since then, Carey has made several hit albums that have sold millions of copies.

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Music Archivewhich came out in 1993, was his 1st hit album.

As was his 1995 album. Day dream.

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Despite so much success, Carey grew tired of the sweet and wholesome image her label had created for her.

Her marriage to Mottola ended in 1998 when they finalized their divorce.

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Announcing her separation, she released an album. Butterflieswhich dropped in 1997.


The song reflects her newfound freedom as a single woman.

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The album was heavily influenced by hip-hop and rap, and the accompanying music videos revealed a more sensual carry.

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The album topped the charts in 1999, making Carey the first artist to achieve a No. 1 hit in 1999. Billboard Singles chart in each year of the decade.

The remarkable success boosted her status, making her one of the best-selling singers in the world.

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In 2001, Carey signed an $80 million contract with Virgin Records, making her the highest-paid recording artist at the time.

However, his incredible career came to a halt when he suffered a breakdown and was hospitalized after misbehaving.

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In 2018, she revealed that her disorder and erratic behavior had led to her diagnosis of bipolar disorder.

Just over a year after signing a deal with Virgin Records…

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They terminated his contract.


She then went on to sign up with Island/Def Jam.

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However, his debut album for the company was disappointing.

But his follow-up was quite the opposite and was a huge success.

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Freedom of the Mummy It was the best-selling album of the year in 2005, selling nearly 6 million copies.

The album also earned him 3 Grammy Awards including ‘Best Contemporary R&B Album’.

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But throughout his impressive career, Carey has been known for one thing…


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One of the singer’s most popular hits, ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You,’ has become a holiday classic.

The festive track has consistently dominated the holiday music charts since its joyous debut in 1994.

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However, Carey recently tried to trademark the phrase “Queen of Christmas” but it didn’t go to plan…

The US Trademark Trial and Appeal Board denied his bid to trademark the phrase.

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According to TMZhe also attempted to trademark the phrases “Princess Christmas” and “Christmas Princess”.

But none of those phrases got the green light to be trademarked by Carrey.

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This comes after Kerry tried to trademark the phrase in March 2021.

However, he faced a swift backlash.

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Despite garnering some support, singer Elizabeth Chan criticized Carey for the idea.

Chan argued that no one should “monopoly” the word “Christmas”.

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As for Carey, she argued that she plans to use the title for perfume, lotion, nail polish, jewelry, cups, mugs, chocolate milk, coconut water and more.

And now, Carey has faced even more backlash after her performance at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade.

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And it was a special moment for the singer as she made a comeback to the event after 7 years.

According to The New York PostCarey donned an oversized pink dress with an umbrella, as she was surrounded by dancers as she sang the hit song “All I Want for Christmas.”

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According to reports, Carey stood quietly during her performance and didn’t join in the dancing, and of course, it angered some fans with the singer…

Sports journalist Ian Haste wrote: “Mariah Carey is getting millions to stand by her umbrella right now and honestly I’m not mad. Mad respect.”

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“I love Mariah Carey’s lack of energy in her performance. It’s something we can all count on,” added another Twitter user.

“Mariah Carey is getting paid to just stand there in the thanksgiving parade and she doesn’t even show up to actually sing the backing track lmfao queen behavior,” wrote another person.

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“After that disastrous lip sync, it’s only fitting that Mariah Carey’s trademark attempt to be the official Queen of Christmas was snubbed. Oh, said a fourth.

You can see its performance. Here.

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