Margot Robbie spent two weeks at the party to keep the image of Babylon

Sitting with Carey Mulligan on Variety Series “Actors on Actors”Margot Robbie revealed that she partyed consistently for two weeks straight to stay in character while filming Babylon. When Robbie was asked about one scene in the film depicting a superbly extravagant party, Robbie explained that the extras in that scene were both professional dancers and a few of her friends, but the party didn’t end there. “It was important to have a party atmosphere throughout the film,” she said. “I have always had friends, for example in the trailer. Base camp was like a small ongoing party. I thought, “I need this for Nellie. .. I never wanted to go back to my trailer and settle down there.”


Robbie didn’t stop at weekends either. “I’m so tired,” she said, grinning. “I thought, ‘OK, I’m having a party.’ Or, for example, “we’re leaving.” The goal, she said, was to create the reality of her character in every moment of her life, and it took a full two weeks to complete.

It’s an acting method that certainly sounds more fun than most, and the results can be seen in all their wild glory when Babylon hits theaters on December 23rd.


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