Mandy Moore celebrates 2 months with ‘angel’ baby Ozzy

Ready for baby #3? Mandy Moore laughed at her son Ozzy when the baby was 2 months old, and hinted that she wanted another baby soon.

“This sweet baby angel turned 2 months old today and is a GIANT wad of petting who wants food all the time, rolls over as soon as you put him on his tummy, travels with dynamite, sleeping and calm baby seems to be genuinely impressed with his big brother loves to fall asleep in someone’s arms and is usually so cheerful and dreamy that it makes mom think about repeating it over and over again 😳, – This is us alum, 38, signed video from instagram your newborn on Thursday, December 15th. “We are so thankful for being you and can’t wait for more, sweet Ozzy!!”


In the adorable footage, Moore coos over his little boy as he lies on his back and looks up at his mom. The video was even enough to cause att*cks of childhood fever in the singer’s famous friends.

Ozzy Contributed by Mandy Moore/Instagram

“STAAAAAAAAAAA!!! 😍”, Zachary Levy commented while Ryan Michelle Bathe wrote: “Velp. In love. Made. Period.”

confused the actress gave birth to a second child from her husband Taylor Goldsmith in October. Together with Ozzy, the couple have a son together, Gus, who was born in February 2021.


A few weeks after the arrival, Ozzy Moore spoke about how she adapted to the life of a mother of two children. “I think things are just starting to build up a bit. [It’s been] pretty quiet and soft,” she said exceptionally Us weekly In November. “I mean, I didn’t really leave the house [other than] for doctor visits, so I know that we are at the very beginning, when everything is still quite simple. … The hard days haven’t even hit us yet, but it’s fun.”


Princess Diaries The star noted that “time is so fleeting”, adding that she wanted to cherish every moment of childish bliss. “I’m really trying to absorb everything [of] his little sounds and his smell. … This newborn phase is so specific and special and it goes by so fast that I just try to keep it as long as possible,” she said. Us.

Mandy Moore Baby Ozzy makes me think about having more kids 3
Contributed by Mandy Moore/Instagram

At the time, Moore hinted that her family felt “so complete” and revealed who her sons are most like. “Gus is a carbon copy of my husband and always has been,” she teased. “I mean, everyone says that — so much so that I’m like, ‘I swear I was there. I was a part of it.” But Ozzy is yet to be determined.”


Singer Candy and 37-year-old musician Dawes got married in November 2018. Moore said Us that Goldsmith had been “exceptional in every way” ever since she gave birth. “He was wonderful, especially towards the end of my pregnancy. … He just really stepped up,” she said.

However, recovery after childbirth is fraught with some difficulties. Last month A walk to remember The actress spoke about the struggle with mastitis while breastfeeding.

“I’m trying to cut off this mastitis on the pass. Phew,” she captioned a photo of the breastfeeding mom posted to her Instagram story, after previously telling her followers she planned to eat her own placenta.


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