Man wins “10 minute break” at work, people can’t stop talking about it

Corporations are not your friend. Some of you pandas probably haven’t heard us, so let’s repeat that, shall we? Corporations are not your friend! True, some companies may be better than others when it comes to culture, pay, and career development. Unfortunately, they are often the exception. There are so many delusional managers who are so completely out of touch with reality that it’s downright ridiculous.

For example, redditor u/No-Satisfaction-749 went viral on the popular r/antiwork subreddit. Sharing a photo Among the ‘prizes’ he ‘won’ at his previous workplace, a law firm. The OP revealed that he was blessed with it.[drumroll]10 minute break. Yes, you read that right. No, we can’t even stop touching our faces. remember, This is a law firm we are talking about..


The redditor’s post resonated with so many people, they started sharing their terrible experiences at work and opinions about how cheap some companies can get with what they have to offer. If that doesn’t convince you that we’re living in a clown world, we don’t know what will. u/No-Satisfaction-749 has reached out via Reddit, and we’ll update this article as soon as we hear back.

There are many good ways to motivate your employees. Giving them an extra 10 minutes break is not one of them.


A redditor has gone viral after explaining how he quit his job at a law firm shortly after winning a humiliating ‘award’.


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Redditor u/No-Satisfaction-749, the author of the post, shared how he quit shortly after receiving [cough] ‘rewarded’ [cough] with a 10-minute interval. It is strange to receive such a ‘prize’. This is funny. And anyone who thinks such things are encouraged. anyone Seriously need to get your head out of the clouds and talk to someone who isn’t a middle or senior level manager.


Oh, but that’s not the worst of it. You see, the 10-minute slot had some extra rules and regulations that made it look more like an insult than anything else. Not only did you have to give a day’s notice before taking your break, but you also couldn’t use it to extend your regular breaks. Moreover, the coupon expires in one month.

It almost sounds like a bad April Fool’s joke. I wish! Only some corporate employees believe that management works. Who needs good benefits, cost-of-living adjustments, flexible work hours, and supportive bosses who don’t insult you for taking silly little breaks?!

Some netizens shared their similar experiences with fear-mongering in the workplace.


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David Redden, director of business development at Dale Carnegie’s Leadership Training Institute in the US, BBC Worklife explained That not enough attention is paid to the human side of leading employees. “You don’t become a leader because of your position. You become a leader because people want to follow you,” he said.

Meanwhile, Canadian philanthropist, researcher, and management consultant Andrew Foss told the BBC that middle-level executives should consider how they themselves would like to be influenced by the leaders above them.

“Be a role model by understanding how you want to be organized. Once you understand how you want to be organized, you can apply it to others,” explained Foss.

Board Panda recently wrote about why the best way to quit is not to actually quit, but to negotiate a severance package. That way, you create a situation where everyone wins. Your boss and co-workers can make the transition easier when they find someone to replace you and you help train them.

Meanwhile, you’ll have a financial cushion while you look for another job, take some time off, or work on an exciting project. In some cases, compromise can work wonders. In other cases, there is nothing left to say, and it is best to part ways as soon as possible. No one can make that decision for you.

Meanwhile, here’s how some other people reacted to coupons for extra breaks at work.

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