Man reaches breaking point with wife who is always late and files for divorce, says people are “shocked and confused”

Although most humans are somewhat similar to each other and share basic similarities such as ten fingers and toes, one nose, one mouth and two ears, it is no big secret that we are all unique individuals who face this challenging task. Experiencing the effort called “life”. The very first time.

We make mistakes and have our own beliefs about right and wrong. Some people are more self-aware of their potentially harmful actions, while others are not – the list could go on.


We can’t live by a book that teaches us how to do it all right because, well, it doesn’t exist—however, one thing we know for sure is that we crave connection. There are, and most of the time, people have to compromise to make it all work.

Marriage takes a lot of work, and when you can’t change your partner, there’s a big difference between a lack of communication and being considered stupid, even when it’s just a question of punctuality.

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You know what they say: “punctuality is a bad habit.”


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I am divorcing my wife because she has been late for 90% of everything we have done together. Everyone we know is shocked and confused, but I don’t care.” – this web user said about his chronically late ex-wife in Reddit’s r/TrueOffMyChest community. The post managed to garner more than 29K votes as well as 4.1K comments with mostly supportive words.


Fed up with his wife’s inconsistency, the boy finally reached his climax and filed for divorce


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The man started his post by clearing things up – he said he’s not having an affair or mid-life crisis, he’s not looking for a younger woman, and he’s not hiding anything. . The thing is, his wife, with whom he has been together for 12 years, has never made the slightest effort to be on time for work.


The man and his wife lived together for 12 years but he never tried to be on time for any of his jobs.

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He reconciled with her because he loved her – however, after the birth of their child she was somehow corrupted.

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Reportedly, when they were still dating, the wait time would average between 15 minutes and an hour before the woman would finally show up. And he waited because he loved her. Then after tying the knot it got worse. And after their child was born, it became a complete nightmare, as she would constantly blame her delay on their son. But then, he put up with it because he loved her.

The author of the post also provided some examples. For example, the couple is currently looking after preschool for their offspring, and so far, they’ve been 15 to 30 minutes late for every appointment — and it’s always because of him.

Their son’s preschool meetings, movies, dinner plans, hanging out with friends, just getting ready for a walk – you name it.

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It was also a time when a man really wanted to see a movie in theaters. The soon-to-be ex-wife also wanted to be involved. However, he had to leave it at the clothing store because he was going to miss his start. Needless to say, he was furious. Oh, and last but certainly not least, a few months ago he went to see a band he likes and, surprise, surprise, he was an hour early because it was something They wanted to do.

The poor couple admitted that they were just tired. Dinner reservations are always a mess because many places are known to have very strict tardy policies, he said. Also, asking her to hurry up, even in the best way, always stirs up conflict, because when a woman opens her mouth, she “flips her lid.”

Meeting friends, going to children’s events with her toddler, and even trying to go for a walk, it’s a constant struggle to get her off the phone and trying to get ready. According to the post’s creator, she finally splurged last week after waiting outside for 20 minutes with her impatient youngster, only to find that he had suddenly chosen to vacate the house.

But the man finally spoke up after waiting outside for 20 minutes with his impatient young man, only to discover that he had suddenly chosen to evacuate the house.

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Her phone hasn’t stopped ringing since she announced her impending divorce from her ex-beloved spouse. It appears the woman has already shared the news with her friends and family, who have collectively decided it’s their duty to talk to her.

Does anyone in your life suffer from being late all the time?

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