Man gives his girlfriend the silent treatment after she high-fives a woman at the gym who ‘humiliated’ him

It’s important to support your partner and show them you’re there when someone is being unfair to them, but in a healthy relationship, you also need to be honest with them and speak your mind. Required if you really don’t agree with it. their point of view.

The woman was quite surprised by a fellow gym member who sped up a newly installed track and high-fived the woman, congratulating her, but also because she was happy that someone could do something she could do. The boyfriend couldn’t because he was stupidly competitive. Only the return home was quite stressful as the boyfriend felt betrayed.


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A woman supports a fellow woman when she is the only one to complete a difficult climbing route, but her boyfriend doesn’t appreciate it.

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The original poster’s (OP) boyfriend likes going to the climbing gym and is pretty good at it, but he has a very negative attitude towards beginners, which makes the woman feel uncomfortable because he is also a beginner. .


Their gym took a new route and that meant that many people didn’t do well, including the OP and her boyfriend, because it required time and training. However, one of the ladies there was passing by and her only fault was that she didn’t stop for 5 seconds when she finished the route, as it is the right route.

The boyfriend is a mountaineer and is not only very competitive, but the author of the story, despite being one, constantly insults beginners.

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As far as the OP could see, her boyfriend was salty that he could do it when no one else could, which probably explained his comment on the 5 second rule. The woman didn’t take it to heart and pointed out that she didn’t even start properly and walked towards the OP, who raised her hand for a high five.

The boyfriend became resentful and did not speak to his girlfriend for the rest of the night, and as they were walking home, she finally said that when the person who was supposed to watch her back was the man was with who publicly humiliated him.

Well, he was only “humiliated” because he pinched another person’s mount and it just so happened that the woman didn’t let him have the last word. All this did not matter to the boyfriend because he believed that the opinions of strangers did not matter and that partners should always be there for each other.

A new route was installed in their gym and it was a challenge that many people including the boyfriend failed at, except for one woman who made it look so easy.


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It’s really useless when you expect someone to support you but they decide to take the opposite side of the argument and it’s especially frustrating when it’s your partner. Licensed Mental Health Counselor Jeremy Ortman Explains why these feelings arise. “Your relationship is your safety zone, and when your partner isn’t with you, an internal signal can warn that the connection is in danger.”

When your partner disagrees with you publicly, it can make you feel abandoned because you already felt insecure because it seemed like everyone else had a different opinion. But always agreeing on everything is unrealistic.

In the end, she didn’t last long and was the first to point it out, but the woman was happy to remind her that she hadn’t even started right.


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However, experts generally advise couples not to express this disagreement in public. Black and married with children says that “if your spouse is saying or doing something you don’t agree with, you should wait and talk to him privately. And that also means Couples should never talk negatively about each other or try to put each other down in public.

On the other hand, he admit That it can look fake and feel fake as if you’re trying to look like the perfect couple, so “couples need to know that it’s okay to disagree in public only if we somehow Don’t be disrespectful. There is no room for belittling, belittling, or coming in front of our partners. Adults should behave like adults and those in love should be treated like lovers. should.”

His girlfriend is so surprised to see him that she gives him a high-five, but the boyfriend interprets it as a betrayal to side with someone who humiliated him.

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That said, every situation is different and should be evaluated individually. Redditors did and their conclusion was that the boyfriend got angry for no reason because no one was trying to put him down. Also, it was the price of being modest and trying to downplay one’s success. People agreed that the man needed a reality check.

Do you have the same opinion? Shouldn’t the OP have congratulated the woman when she just turned her back on her boyfriend, or was he being too sensitive in the situation? Let us know in the comments.

In the comments, people called out the boyfriend for being petty, jealous and believed he should get rid of his toxic masculinity.

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