Man avenges his entitled brothers and sisters by getting their children the messiest Christmas presents

They say that revenge is a dish that is best served cold. Or is it? Some people think this is the best serve for gooey, dough and water balloons!

Smiles put on people’s faces after Redditor u/rustybathub shared his clever plan For Christmas this year. You see, his brothers and sisters “basically” ordered him and his wife to buy expensive gifts to their nieces and nephews because they believe they are too well. The couple thought it was unfair that they were treated this way because they were financially responsible, so they came up with the messiest, funniest way to get revenge on their entitled relatives.


Scroll down and read what’s involved in this vengeful vengeance, Pandas! This can give you some great ideas the next time someone tries to boss you around and blames you for buying a gift.

Oh, and keep in mind that even when it comes to fun revenge, there are boundaries and clear boundaries. that line? It is composed of glitter and drum set. Yes, sparkles and drums abound and should be considered a weapon of mass disturbance in any home.

After being ordered to buy expensive gifts, a redditor decided Mess with their entitled family members… by making a Mess

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He shared exactly what he plans to buy to get his beloved nieces and nephews back from their parents


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Here are a bunch of other great suggestions for gifts people have


The author of the post gave an update to all his curious readers

image credit: rusty bathtub

Redditor u/rustybathub’s post on the diabolically technical r/MaliciousCompliance subreddit was a resounding success, garnering over 34.8k upvotes and over 3.7k comments in 8 days. In short, the post blew up. And I can see why—it’s well written, snappy, funny, and it’s one of the best things I’ve read all month.

The post looks like something out of a movie trailer, where they list all the equipment our hero will need on his mission to save the day. However instead of the spy gadgets and gear needed for the robbery, you have flour, kinetic sand, gooey slime (oh no! Not gooey slime!), water balloons, and nerf guns.

To be honest, kids are going to be thrilled to play with all these things. their parents? Certainly not that much! Hopefully, they will have learned not to pressure anyone into buying their children’s gifts just because they are ‘well into the future’. I don’t think they will miss the message.

The author of the post joked that all of this could actually be the start of a new Christmas tradition in their family. And traditions are important when it comes to maintaining close ties with their relatives.

Earlier, Lenore Skenazy, president of Let Grow, a non-profit organization promoting childhood independence, told me that Traditions Nurture Families And make us aware of who we are.

“If family members were far-flung, the ‘obligation’ of a yearly get-together would keep the family from going too far. That’s why the holidays are so important — they often bring families back together, with memories shared by them. knit together,” Lenore explained bored panda Why are traditions so important?

“We are the family that always sings this special song, cooks this special meal, gathers for this special event, or even honors our elders—dead or alive—in this special way. Just as religions have special holidays, activities, do’s and don’ts, so do families—and they serve a common purpose: to help a group through what they share. define and bind,” she said.

“Traditions can be ridiculous – I have a friend whose family always falls to the ground and ‘dances’ on their back at any gathering. Traditions can be traced back to the roots, as I’m trying to do myself I am, by cooking the foods my aunt made, as generations before her did,” Lenore opened up.

“They can be fun — a beach house every summer. They can be quirky — always cooking chicken in beer on Mother’s Day. And they can fall by the wayside and still revive. Just because you A year, or two, or 10 give up, doesn’t mean you can’t start doing something meaningful again. Your kids will love it—they’re working hard for meaning and continuity. Traditions with them Creating enriches their lives and yours.”

Here’s what some internet users have to say about Revenge Gift Ideas. Some of them even shared their similar experiences


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