M3GAN Producers Assure Horror Fans Movie’s PG-13 Rating Won’t Assuage Fears

Hollywood Reporter asked the producers about the PG-13 rating, and Jason Blum remarked, “Some of the scariest movies of all time are PG-13, so I don’t put much faith in my stomach ache. Tell me about it.” He’s right; many films have evoked fear through a PG-13 lens, from older films like “Night of the Comet” to new offerings like “A Quiet Place” and “Astral”. viewers without relying on excessive amounts of blood.


James Wan continued this by saying, “Look, I’ve done PG-13 movies and R-rated movies. So I think it’s about what’s best for the movie, and though M3GAN this is a horror movie, teenagers will really like it. They will really like it, and I think it will affect them loudly.” Judging by the trailers, M3GAN is sure to have a lot of iconic horror stories. From pushing a boy in front of a truck to using a pressure washer on a woman, the M3GAN will have the streak to rival all the great movie monsters.

And if Universal gets its way, there will be more M3GANs in the coming years.


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