M3GAN director Gerard Johnston ‘just slipped’ this iconic dance scene into the movie

Breaking a move before committing a kill may not be a traditional horror scene, but it was an idea the M3GAN team decided to use nonetheless. The wide appeal of this bizarre moment not only helped spread the word about this horror movie further, but also completely delighted everyone involved.


In an interview with tufab, director Gerard Johnston admitted that he “just put” the scene into the movie and is glad it went so well. “To their credit, I think everyone took it,” he explained. “I thought it was one of those ideas that comes to mind when you just don’t get enough sleep. I just felt like it was the kind of entertainment we needed.” In addition, he also enjoyed watching the online discourse about the dance, saying “It’s so nice to see, even before the movie comes out, that even in the trailer people love it, so it was really cool.”

Similarly, Allison Williams, who stars and is the film’s executive producer, said: Entertainment Weekly that the team had their own strategy to make the dance scene a viral sensation. “We came up with the memes ourselves to distribute, but we ended up not having to post them because people started creating their own,” the Get Out star explained. “You can’t even dream that big when you’re doing something like this. It was such an exciting day. It was a proof of concept.”


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