Luke Grimes won’t watch Yellowstone until he’s done with this

Luke Grimes has portrayed the soulful Casey Dutton since Yellowstone debuted on cable in 2018. led by Dutton in Montana. Likewise, Grimes continues to receive praise for his introspective approach to the game. However, Grimes does claim to have never seen a single shot of himself in Casey mode. And he apparently has no intention of changing that fact until after Yellowstone is over.


“It’s not so much about not looking at yourself, it’s about… I really want to enjoy this whole series one day when I’m not doing it anymore,” Grimes told his Morning CBS hosts. He explained, “I feel like if I watch it now, it will just make me think. And I will be the judge of what I do, and I won’t be able to enjoy the story.” According to the actor, he probably won’t be able to fully enjoy Yellowstone until his time on the show is over, noting, “I feel like once I’m done with it, I can take it out years from now.” I’ll sit down and really enjoy it.”

Apparently, Grimes is still following this story by reading his Yellowstone scripts. He no doubt also has regular conversations with Taylor Sheridan and his esteemed fellow cast members about what’s going on. But he has yet to see the majestic fruits of their labour. And we’re betting that he’ll be truly amazed when he finally sees Yellowstone in all its lavish cinematic beauty.


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