Luann de Lesseps addresses ‘Ronnie’ hiatus and will the show return?

Luan de Lesseps getting clear about the future of real housewives of new york,

Spoke to the 56-year-old reality star page six And shared an update about whether the series will return.


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,New York not going anywhere.” luanne That said, she is as patient as Bravo.”[gets] Casting in order ”for the next season.

their comments come later andy cohen said Michael Rapaport The show was “on pause” after season 13.

“We’ve got a lot of casting going on, and we’re looking at every option, man,” Andy said.


luanne She further stated that while she was “disappointed” by the break in filming, she is using the extra time to her advantage.

“I had to say, I’m so busy with my cabaret tour and shows and getting ready, that it’s kind of a blessing that we weren’t filming this fall because I really needed the time,” she explained. “When I got that call, I was in St. Tropez and they said, ‘You don’t have to come back.’ I was like, ‘Yeah!’ And I stayed a little longer.”

She also said that she is “grateful” that she has been busy promoting her role on real housewives ultimate girls trip By-product.

“It was really fantastic for me,” luanne shared.


for what’s up with Rhony, she added: “Obviously, the casting is not up to me. Of course, they weigh in together [me] Because I’ve been around for a long time. I try to go into things without any preconceived notions like I did ultimate girls trip, I didn’t have any hope. I just wanted to get the full experience. ,

The “Money Can’t Buy You Class” cast continues, “I feel the same way about casting and I hear they have some great candidates. I don’t know who’s staying, who’s leaving.” But I’m looking forward to next season. It’s going to be a strong one.”

luanne It was also discussed whether Ebony K. Williams will back.

“I don’t know who’s coming and who’s not coming back. But I think we’ve all landed a very good place.” [Eboni] At the end of the season,” she said. “Even though we didn’t have a reunion, I felt like we landed and ended up in a good place. I’m not averse to taking him back. Let’s see what happens.”

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