‘Love Island’ star Georgia Harrison bursts into tears, saying Stephen Bear ‘shared OnlyFans s*x tape ruined her life’

Love Island’s TOWIE and Georgia Harrison broke down in tears today as they revealed that Stephen Bear “ruined my life” by allegedly sharing a video of them having s*x on OnlyFans.

The reality TV star, who has given up his automatic anonymity, began to cry as he was questioned by a defense lawyer at Chelmsford Crown Court.



Bear’s Towie and Love Island star former Georgia HarrisonCredit: Eastern News
The reality show's Stephen Bear arrives at Chelmsford Crown Court, Essex.


The reality show’s Stephen Bear arrives at Chelmsford Crown Court, Ess*x.Credit: Eastern News

She said, “I didn’t think he would do this to me. We had a rich history and he knew how it would affect my life.

“I didn’t think he would do it because we were on good terms. I trusted him.”

The bear is accused of making at least £2,181 after uploading a CCTV clip of them having s*x in his garden to an X-rated website.


He doubled the price of a subscription to his profile after posting a “revenge p*rn” video, the court heard.

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Georgia added: “It upset me. It ruined my life.

“After this happened, I was in the worst condition of my life. I can’t explain the shame. I didn’t want to leave my room.


“Instead of apologizing, he raised the subscription price from £25 to £50.”

When asked if she wanted to refuse to testify in defense of Gemma Rose, Georgia replied, “I’m fine, I’m sorry.”

The couple have known each other since 2012 but started dating in 2018.

Georgia, 27, told the court: “Bear has said he loves me in real life and on the show.


“You could say it was casual, but at the same time it was quite intense.

“I really loved Bear when we filmed together, but I never thought we would have anything in the real world.


“I never looked at him as someone who could potentially be my boyfriend.”

Georgia said she was also upset when Bear, 32, “slept with someone else in our hotel room and locked me up” before kissing her best friend at her clothing launch.

But in August 2020, the couple had lunch and drinks before returning to his tanning shop, where they had s*x.

They then went to his home in Lawton, Ess*x to play cards while drinking some more in his garden, where a security camera caught them having s*x again.

Miss Rose said, “You had s*x earlier that day and it was just a natural extension of that, wasn’t it?”

Georgia replied, “Yes. But I never suspected for a second that there was video surveillance in his kitchen or in the garden where we had s*x.

“It was initiated by the Bear, but it was by mutual agreement. He was in the lead. I was drunk and obviously didn’t think it would come to something like this.”


Afterwards, he gave the footage to Georgia without her knowledge.

Georgia admitted that they watched it together, saying, “At the time, I didn’t take it as seriously as I should have.”

She told him to remove it, and Bear said he removed it.

But then she claimed she saw him texting a video to a friend on WhatsApp while they were in bed that night.

Prosecutor Jacqueline Carey KC said 273 people paid $9.99 (£8.15) per viewing in November 2020.

Georgia warned Bear about revenge p*rn, telling the court, “I used those words because I wanted Steven Bear to make it clear what would happen if he shared this video.

“I made it clear to him and his brother that I would go to the police if this continued.”

The Towie star’s mom signed up for OnlyFans Bear after Georgia called her and told her about the video her younger siblings had also seen.

When questioned about uploading the video to the subscription site, Georgia told jurors, “That’s brazen and he knows what he’s done.

“This is so stupid of him and evil. It was for their month. His main verified account, which he uses every day.

“I saw a promotion where he gives me a 50 percent discount. I have seen screenshots.

“I am hurt, upset and ashamed. I deserve justice for what I went through and he deserves the consequences.”

In a series of messages read in court, Georgia told Bear, “I stole you” and “you’re going to jail for that Bear.”

Her mother, Nicola Harrison, who was her daughter’s manager at the time and had access to her Instagram and business email, said Georgia called her about the s*x tape on August 3, 2020.

She told the court, “She told me there was a video.

“She was upset, but said that he promised her to remove it.

“She was in tears. She cried. She said she didn’t know she was being filmed.

“She said he sent it to someone in front of her so she asked him to delete it so he said he didn’t send it and promised her he would delete it.

“She thought it was all over. She thought this was the end.”


Nicola next heard about the footage in October when Georgia informed her people that they had seen the video and she was going to contact his brother Danny Bear.

Georgia was in Dubai in December when people, including those from the US, contacted her and said they had also seen the clip.

Nicola added: “She said it must have been online and that it wasn’t just people showing it. She said she was going to post something on her Instagram asking if anyone knew where it was.”

Her business email, run by Nicola, received 10 replies on the first day, and about 20 more the following week.

One December 7th email showed screenshots promoting the video, with the caption, “Good morning everyone, can’t wait to see me f*cking in my garden. Here is a brief overview. Tonight”.

Nicola told prosecutor Ms Carey, “I signed up for his OnlyFans account for $15. It started and then I just didn’t watch it.”

She went to other p*rnographic sites to see if it was posted elsewhere, while Georgia instructed an “ethical hacker” to remove it.

Bear denies voyeurism and two counts of revealing personal photos and films of a s*xual nature.

The alleged crimes, which carry a maximum sentence of two years, were committed between August and November 2020.

In the dock, he was in a gray suit, and his girlfriend Jessica Smith sat in a public gallery in a black suit.

The Celebrity Big Brother winner arrived at court yesterday in a luxurious Rolls-Royce with his girlfriend Jessica Smith in a pink suit and fur jacket.

Bear from Walthamstow, East London, worked as a roofer before becoming a reality TV star.

He first appeared in Shipwreck: The Island in 2011 and then reappeared in Ex on the Beach in 2015.

He has since been on CBB, Just Tattoo of Us and Celebrity Ghost Hunt Live.

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His former partner Georgia has previously appeared on reality shows including Touie, Love Island and Olivia Meets Her Mate.

The trial continues.

Stephen Bear arrives at Chelmsford Crown Court with his girlfriend Jessica Smith.


Stephen Bear arrives at Chelmsford Crown Court with his girlfriend Jessica Smith.Credit: Eastern News

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