Love Island in the UK has imposed a smoking ban after receiving a strong backlash

According to BBC news, viewers often complained about the amount of smoking depicted on Love Island. Viewers even took their concerns directly to Ofcom, the broadcasting regulator in the United Kingdom. Viewers also took to social media to comment on how many smokers there were on the island. One Twitter user posted“The amount of smoking on Love Island is simply shocking.”


The complaints worked, and ITV banned members from smoking in the villa and its surrounding gardens (according to HuffPost). However, islanders are still allowed to smoke in secret. They just have to do it alone in a designated smoking area and as long as nothing worth filming happens. Metro confirmed that the same rules apply to vaping. However, some viewers feel that the show has started to go downhill since the smoking restrictions were put in place. AND Twitter user posted“Love Island collapsed when smoking was banned on screen.” Meanwhile, another user wrote“RETURN THE NETWORK SMOKING ON THE ISLAND OF LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!”

While fans have been heatedly debating the change to smoking on Love Island, it turns out that putting out cigarettes isn’t the only staging change that has taken place on the show as a result of viewer anxiety.


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