Love Is Blind’s SK denies cheating on ex-fiancee Raven Ross

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Shares his side. Love is blind alum Sikiru “SK” Alagbad denied cheating on ex-fiancee Raven Rossclaiming that they were not together when he allegedly dated other women.

“All accusations that I am cheating are false,” said the 34-year-old MBA student. Lifestyle on Wednesday, November 30, adding that he does not consider TikTok user @HannahBethStyle to be his ex-girlfriend. “We never considered each other a guy and a girl. She’s not my ex… The situation between me and Hannah was never formal.”


SK’s comments come a week after the TikTok personality claimed she was dating SK while he was also dating 29-year-old Raven after Love is blind Season 3 “It all started in 2019… We became good friends and started dating,” Hannah Beth stated in a video posted on November 18. “We parted mutually and remained friends. Fast forward to the end of July 2021, he invites me to travel to Europe. … We left Ibiza and flew back to Madrid. I asked to see his phone to send the photo to myself, but in the end I saw messages from the name of the “bride” contact.

A social media personality claimed that SK told her that he and the Pilates instructor pretended to be together “for the money” and were actually friends. “I didn’t believe him 100%, but he never gave me a reason not to trust him, so I just took him at his word, and at the time it made sense,” she said.

The Nigerian native, who filmed Season 3 in early 2021, disputed her version of events. Lifestyle, claiming that he and Raven were “not dating” when he spoke to Hannah Beth. “A lot of people have the wrong idea about the chronology of our relationship,” he said. “When Raven and I left the altar, I began to live my life as a single guy, and she continued to live her life as a single woman.”


SK continued, “The path leading up to Raven and me has not been an easy one. It took Raven and I some time to even think about or try to start dating again. People don’t realize it.”


Even though he got engaged to Raven in the pods without meeting face to face, he eventually decided to reject her at the altar during the ceremony. Love is blind the final. “It was like merging two different people from two different continents trying to make it work,” he said. Us weekly earlier this month about his decision to leave. “And I just felt like we still had a lot of unresolved differences that adding marriage on top of that still wouldn’t help us resolve.”


The couple reunited after filming wrapped, and during the season 3 reunion special, they announced that they were giving their relationship another chance. “We have worked through so many other issues that even if today is not our time, pretty soon we will be able to try to work on it, get better and just keep growing – this is probably the best thing we have done in all this time. you just need to grow together and be patient,” said Raven. Us. “We worked on it and he is such a handsome person, so we gave each other patience. That was great”.

Although the fitness guru initially defended SK amid allegations of cheating, the couple announced they had broken up for good on November 21st. . “Due to the ongoing litigation surrounding these allegations, we are unable to provide further information and ask that you respect our privacy during this difficult time. Thank you for following our love story and believing in us.”

She continued, “This journey has forever shaped our lives and we are so grateful to everyone who was a part of it. Your love and support means everything.”

On Thursday, November 24, SK said the allegations of fraud were “false”.[ly] misrepresented with the malice of extortion” through his Instagram story, adding that he will be “actively pursuing legal action against the accuser.”


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