Lou Yi-An & Singing Chen Interview — Contenders International –

Low Yi Ann’s Goddamned asura Begins with chilling smartphone footage of an impassive young man firing into a busy night market. In a surprising move, it immediately flashes back to the events leading up to the shooting, introducing a core group of characters whose lives will be changed by it. Even more unexpected, though, is the film’s third act, which is essentially a Sliding Doors-style “What Will Happen?” Assumption

Although the killer and his story are fictional, the story is rooted in recent events in Taiwan, as Lu explained at’s Contenders Film: International Awards Season event.


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“In 2014,” he said, “there was an incident where a boy committed random m*rder on the MRT. [Taipei’s public transport system]. This was quite a sensation in Taiwanese society, and two years later the culprit was executed. At the time, there were many reports of the incident by journalists, and I saw them all. Also, there was a big debate about whether we should abolish the d*ath penalty. Many questions began to circulate in my mind: Did the criminal really deserve to die?

Surprisingly, it was not an easy script for sophistication, given its unusual structure and changing context. “We co-wrote the script for about two to three years,” said Lu’s co-writer Singing Chen. “Our process was to constantly discuss with each other. We were constantly having conversations about who is right and who is wrong—who is the villain and who is the good guy? — and about the basic values ​​of being human.”

Lowe also revealed that the footage of the night market was actually filmed on location. “We shot the film in a real market while it was still open,” he said, “so it was very difficult to shoot such a scene of chaos and gunfire.” Not all the people there were extras. There were some real tourists, as well as real vendors selling their wares. We had to tell them. [what was going on]and we closed some areas to facilitate shooting.


“That being said, it went very well, as a result of the vendors, who were very cooperative, and also the actors, who were able to deliver their performances in a very short time.”

Check back Monday for the panel video.

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