LOTR: The Rings Of Power Episode 6 Recap

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Let’s start with the titular inhabitants of the Southern Lands themselves. The last time we saw them, this band of pitiful humans struggled with their dark past, their half-redeemed future, and of course, their unsettling present, which included the impending att*ck of Adar and his orc army. The pressure led to the fact that the group was divided in half: one part joined Adar, while the other continued to resist him.


In Episode 6, we see the results of this choice manifest in dramatic ways. At first, Adar’s forces take over the watchtower, only to find it empty. Arondir brings down the structure on some of the occupiers before rushing to the Southerners’ village, where he joins the rest of the good party as they prepare to face the exhausted but enraged enemy. This leads to an initial battle where the good guys are victorious, but quickly discover that they have gained the upper hand over their siblings who have joined Adar.

After the first att*ck, Adar att*cks again, this time with his orcs. Bronwyn is badly injured and things look pretty bleak until Theo breaks down and gives Adar the hilt of his sword to avoid the d*ath of everyone he loves. We’re prepared to assume that the twisted elf isn’t really going to spare everyone even when he gets what he wants, but the scene of despair is cut short when the Numenoreans arrive and att*ck Riders of Rohan style.

While we’ll get to the southerners’ saviors in a second, it’s worth noting that a lot of details are revealed during all of this action. Of particular note is Theo’s willingness to betray Arondir in exchange for saving his mother, as well as his later confession that he felt a connection to the hilt very similar to the Ring of Omnipotence.


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