Looper unearths which Grey’s Anatomy medical case fans find most shocking

The king of our list of unfortunate patients is Andrew Langston (James Immekus), who made the unwise choice of jumping into a huge vat of cement on a call from his friends during season 4, episode 16. Andrew is carried to the emergency room completely walled up. in cement, and Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) has to free him. Andrew eventually survives his misadventure, but not without burns and broken limbs. At least he impresses the girl he likes! The case received 24.67% of the votes.


Runner-up, Jerry Adams of Season 7 Episode 3 (Art Weird) finds himself in the hospital with a case of HPV, which, rejected by a flaw in his immune system, turned his arms into uncontrollable forked growths and dug out his face. Mark Sloane (Eric Dane) has surgery to make his hands and arms functional and get rid of the worst warts, but Jerry still loses his marriage along the way. 20.17% of fans polled called his story stunning.

In third place is a twin case: well, the story of two train passengers stuck together after a terrible train accident. In season 2, episode 6, Bonnie Krasnoff (Monica Keena) and Tom Maynard (Bruce A. Young) are connected by a single metal fence that pierces both of their stomachs. The operation to separate them and ensure their survival is extremely risky, but it is the only way to prevent further loss of life. Bonnie and Tom become friends during the ensuing disaster, but only Tom survives their separation. 19.5% of our readers rated their situation as the most horrifying of all.


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