Looper asks: What’s your favorite Law & Order cameo?

Looper polled 607 Law & Order fans in the United States, asking them to choose their favorite Special Victims Unit cameo. 22.90% of fans voted for a memorable cameo by Robin Williams in episode 17 of season 9 of Special Victims Unit. “Authority.” In a 2008 episode, the late prankster plays a police impersonator who forces unsuspecting victims to commit crimes. Williams was praised for his portrayal of the villain in the episode, earning Emmy nod for his performance.


Following Williams is Jennifer Love Hewitt of the Party of Five with 21.42% of the vote. The actress put her talents to use in an early season 12 episode titled “Behave,” appearance, which received positive reviews from Entertainment Weekly. Over 15% of Law & Order fans voted for James Van Der Beek’s cameo in season 13 like their favorite. Just behind the leader of Donson’s Creek is Full House alumnus John Stamos with 14.83% of the vote.

Comedian Kathy Griffin was penultimate in the poll, appearing in season 11, episode 13 of the spin-off series called “PC” Griffin found the role of a lesbian activist challenging, discussing with her how she rarely takes on non-comedy roles. News. “FROM [the cast and the crew] watching you and the pressure continues, when you screw up the line you don’t want to do it again,” she told the outlet. “My whole life is looking for a joke, but it was not a joke.”

Cynthia Nixon ultimately received 12.03% of the vote, making her the least favorite celebrity cameo in Special Victims Unit. It’s amazing considering the star has gone from Emmy a win for her appearance on Law & Order in 2007.



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