Litigation stress caused Meghan Markle’s m*scarriage

Opening. Prince Harry discussed his wife Meghan Markle2020 m*scarriage in episode six Harry and Meganwhich fell on Thursday, December 15th.

“I believe that my wife had a m*scarriage due to the fact that Mail did. I watched it all,” said the 38-year-old Duke of Suss*x, referring to Meghan’s lawsuit against the UK. Mail on Sunday for publishing her personal letter to her father Thomas Markle.


Harry added: “Now we know for sure that the m*scarriage was created [or] caused by this? Of course not, but considering the resulting stress, lack of sleep, and the timing of the pregnancy. [and] how many weeks old she was, I can tell from what I saw, this m*scarriage was caused by what they were trying to do to her.”

The 41-year-old California native filed a lawsuit against Associated Newspapers Limited (which owns Mail on Sunday for publishing a handwritten five-page private letter to a former lighting director, aged 78, in February 2019 amid their estrangement. The trial ended in January in Meghan’s favor, with the Duchess receiving £1 (the equivalent of $1.36) in damages from the paper.

During the court battle Suits The alum learned in early 2020 that they were expecting their second child with a war veteran.


“I’m pulling up [to their house] for example: “We are going to unpack. We’re going to get settled. And Meg is standing outside and waiting for me, and I can tell that something is wrong, ”- a former interlocutor of Megan. Suits partner Abigail Spencer recalled in a documentary series. She shows me the house. It’s very mixed emotions. [like], “Here’s our new home,” but she’s like, “I’m in a lot of pain.” She was holding Archie and just fell to the ground.”


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Meghan, for her part, recalled staying awake during the early stages of her pregnancy, noting that the m*scarriage occurred “on the first morning” when the married couple “woke up in our new home.”


The Duchess of Suss*x, who has a now 3-year-old son Archie with Harry, originally opened up about her pregnancy loss in an article for the magazine in November 2020. New York Timesnoting that she was holding her son at the age of 18 months when she first felt pain.

“After changing the diaper, I felt a sharp cramp. I fell to the floor with him in my arms, humming a lullaby to calm us both down, the upbeat melody in stark contrast to my sense that something was wrong,” she wrote at the time. “I knew, clutching my first child, that I was losing my second. … I felt sticky [Harry’s] palm and kissed the knuckles, wet with both of our tears. Staring at the cold white walls made my eyes glaze over. I tried to imagine how we would be treated.”

Meghan, who later welcomed daughter Lilibet, now 18 months old, in June 2021, further spoke about her loss at Harry and Megan.

“When I reveal things that are moments of vulnerability when it comes to a m*scarriage and maybe feel ashamed of it, like, ‘It’s okay, you’re human. It’s something to talk about,” the former Hallmark star said in episode six, talking about the experience. “And I could choose to never talk about these things, or I could choose to say, ‘With all the bad things that come with it, the good thing is being able to help other people.’ This is the meaning of life, right? Communication and community.


Mother of a former actress Doria Raglandalso expressed pride in her daughter’s candor. “I thought she was brave and bold,” said the 66-year-old social worker in Harry and Megan belonging once article. “But that doesn’t surprise me because she’s brave and bold.”

Harry and Megan currently streaming on Netflix.


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