Letitia Wright talks about the meaning of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Post-Credits Scene

During Variety episode “Actors on Actors” Letitia Wright, the woman who brought Shuri to life on the big screen, sat down with Star Wars and The King’s Woman star John Boyega to discuss a variety of topics. Wright and Boyega have known each other for a long time, so their discussion was organic and sincere. From discussing what it’s like to be in two of Disney’s biggest projects to the finer details of Wakanda Forever, they’ve covered it all.


The post-credits scene that introduced T’Challa’s son to the world was especially important to Wright. “For me, this post-credits scene is another continuation of how we wanted to honor Chadwick. Especially the role of T’Challa,” Wright explained. She recognized how important the presence of Boseman as T’Challa was to the world, but she also felt that recognition and movement was also needed. “When I read this, I felt like we had to find a way to just continue the legacy of T’Challa, what T’Challa means to the world, especially to young black men, but also allow for that sense of forward movement. movement and, as it were, revival, renewal, ”she continued.

Wright detailed the audition process with Divine Love Konadu-Sun, the boy who ended up getting the part. She said she saw so much of what Chadwick brought to T’Challa that she immediately knew he was the guy for the part.

“And this scene is beautiful because it represents what the future will be like,” Wright said. “You know, these represent ways we can continue the role of T’Challa for generations to come.”



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