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Meryl Streep She is one of the greatest actresses of her generation and there is no role she would not play. In his latest film, don’t look up, She surprised some movie fans with a nude scene — and her co-stars Leonardo Dicaprio Wasn’t at all.


Director Adam McKay Guardian That the three-time Oscar winner was “fearless” in playing President Jenny Orlean in the global-warming disaster comedy. He revealed that “he didn’t even blink” when he saw the nude moment in the script. “He didn’t even pick it up,” he said. But DiCaprio told Mackey that He had a problem with on-screen nudity With Streep because he didn’t want the film to disrespect his legacy.

,Leo just sees Meryl as movie royalty … though maybe not a royalty compliment… but as such a special person in film history,” McKay explained. “He walks around naked for a second, with her lower back tattoo. Didn’t like to see it happen. He said something like this to me: ‘Do you really need to show this?’ And I was like: ‘This is President Orlean; It’s not Meryl Streep.'” And the truth is, Streep isn’t the one who’s naked on-screen, the work was done by a body double playing her character — so all of DiCaprio’s worries were probably unnecessary.

DiCaprio’s relationship with Streep dates back to 1996 when they first starred together Marvins Room, so his respect runs deep for more than 25 years. He shared what it’s like to step on the sets with him I! news Last week, “You get a chance to work with the greatest living actor in the world. Everyone is on their toes. Everyone’s ready, and we’re just trying to keep up with that.” So DiCaprio was only being protective of Streep when she protested the nude scene, even if she wasn’t bothered in the slightest.

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