Leonardo DiCaprio ‘opposed’ Meryl Streep’s nude scene in Don’t Look Up

Leonardo DiCaprio’s films feature plenty of X-rated moments, but his latest film had a scene he wanted to cut out.

Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t want Meryl Streep to be naked in his new comedy, Don’t Look Up.


The film’s director Adam McKay announced in an interview. GuardianDiCaprio, 47, believed Streep, 72, was too much of an icon to pose naked on camera.

In the film, the three-time Oscar winner plays President Jenny Orlean, who is seen naked from behind in a scene. Streep didn’t strip down for the snappy scene, instead using a body double for a flesh-glowing moment, reports NY Post,

But it is said that DiCaprio was still opposed to the idea.

“He’s fearless,” said Streep’s McKay while accompanying Guardian,


“And yes, it’s a body double. But do you know who had a problem with that? Leo [DiCaprio], Leo sees Merrill as just film royalty… though perhaps not a royalty compliment… but as a special person in film history.”

McKay continued: “He didn’t like walking around naked for a second, with tattoos on his lower back. He said something to me like: ‘Do you really need to show this?’ And I was like: ‘This is President Orlean; this is not Meryl Streep.’ But he didn’t even blink. He didn’t even lift it.”

DiCaprio has known Streep for decades, which probably explains her unease at the idea of ​​the screen queen being naked in film.

Streep played DiCaprio’s mother in the 1996 drama Marvins Room, which also starred Diane Keaton and Robert De Niro.


DiCaprio told I! last week that she and the rest of the Golden Globe-nominated don’t look up The cast was nervous to appear on the set with Streep.

“You get to work with the greatest living actor in the world. Everyone is on their toes. Everyone is ready, and we are just trying to keep up with that,” he explained.

Despite her long career in film, Streep never did a full-front nude scene.

However, the 21-time Oscar nominee has rocked the screens in some older films. She went topless on the massage table in the 1982 psychological thriller, still of the Night, although his assets were covered.

The icon was also removed for a slimmed-down moment in the 1994s river wild and was seen taking off her clothes in a steamy sex scene with Clint Eastwood The Bridges of Madison County in 1995.


This article was originally published in NY Post and was reproduced with permission.



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