Law & Order actor Dann Florek was making less than $2 a week before his career success

Dann Florek poured blood, sweat and tears into his career, and when things finally broke down, he was grateful not only for himself, but also for his wife, who remained with him through difficult years. In 1988, while filming L.A. Law, the actor revealed that he sometimes earned as little as $1.38 a week while trying to build a steady acting career.


“There were times when she was working and I was making $1.38 a week. Now we’re laughing because we could have received a check for $500 per cycle. [recording additional dialogue at a later date]Florek said. Chicago Tribune in 1988. After Florek’s hiatus from L.A. Law, the 1990s saw the actor take on a number of successful projects, including The Flintstones, NYPD Blues and other shows.

The actor and his wife were desperate for cash even before he got into L.A. Law. Florek revealed that they didn’t know what looping was, let alone that an actor could get paid for it. “We will go with him to a wonderful dinner and we will laugh: “Looping! Who ever thought about looping! There were so many times when we not only didn’t know what a loop was, we didn’t know what a chicken was,” the actor said.


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