Laurence Fishburne never watched CSI before joining the series

In 2008, shortly after he landed the role of Dr. Raymond Langston in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Laurence Fishburne did an interview with movie web where he was asked if he is a fan of the show. “I am now,” he replied, laughing. “Honestly, when we met [with the producers] in New York, I felt a little silly because I hadn’t watched the show before meeting them.” Fishburne said the producers gave him a few episodes to watch that were dark and atmospheric enough to convince him to say yes. In addition to several TV movies and bit parts, the role of Dr. Langston was his first regular role on television in over 25 years – the previous of all roles was the role of Cowboy Curtis in Pee-wee’s Theater. “


Fishburne also clarified that he doesn’t see the move to television as a form of retreat and, of course, continues to make films. He even became one of the few actors to appear in the DC and Marvel Cinematic Universes. However, he welcomed the different challenges and pace of working in television compared to cinema. “Because I haven’t done a TV series since Pee-wee’s Playhouse, this is a welcome change,” said Fishburne. “It’s going to be challenging, it’s going to be fun and it’s going to be exciting.”

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