Lance Barber of Young Sheldon fondly remembers his first chemistry reading with Zoe Perry

In an interview for Mashable India, Young Sheldon stars Lance Barber and Zoe Perry reminisce about their first chemistry reading together. Barber recalled that after completing his usual solo audition, he returned for a test reading with his future wife on television. “And then they saw a spark!” he exclaimed. “That’s when he really fell in love with me!” Perry joked. “Or ‘furious’ with me!”


“I remember it well,” Barber continued. “Reading with Zoe was unforgettable.” He walked out of that audition hopeful and elated at the prospect of landing the part and sharing the screen with Perry. “And luckily we are here,” he said. “Also, fortunately, I had a history with the show’s creator, Chuck Lorre. I’ve done an episode of The Big Bang Theory before and even auditioned for a show called Mike and Molly.

Indeed, Barber appeared in the Season 5 episode of The Big Bang Theory as Jimmy Speckerman, who bullied Leonard (Johnny Galecki) back in high school. The episode “Return of the Speckerman” premiered in 2011. Now, as George Cooper in the hit spin-off, Barber can shed his badass reputation and play Sheldon’s humanized father.


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