Kumail Nanjiani talks about his first touching experience on SNL

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During the episode “Fly on the Wall” [54 minutes]Nanjiani revealed that the SNL writer approached him to film the press conference scene with Jason Sudeikis and host of the week James Franco. He accepted the offer to say three lines and attended the dress rehearsal. However, Sudeikis made a mistake during rehearsal that “Obi-Wan KenobiThe star had problems with replicas. “Sudeikis messed up his line and it threw me so hard in the dress. [rehearsal] that I mixed up my line, I just didn’t know, I literally just stumbled over my words. So all of a sudden, when I get a script for broadcast, I now have two lines instead of three, “the comedian recalled.


Nanjiani explained that the show’s stars, especially Sudeikis, understood his blunder. “We start the sketch, I don’t know Sudeikis at all; he’s there while we’re going to do live, he looks at me and says, “I’m sorry.” He kind of apologized to me. It meant a lot to me, ”said the Big Sick star. He said he also had pleasant experiences with Will Forte, Darrell Hammond and Kristen Wiig during his brief stint as an extra on SNL. “I was just touched that they went above and beyond to make me feel confident, comfortable and welcome,” Nanjiani said.

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