Kirsten Vangsness on what it’s like to be back in Criminal Minds: Evolution

When Kirsten Vangsness was asked what it was like to return to the place of Garcia in Criminal Minds: Evolution, Kirsten Vangsness immediately pointed out that it was not as short a break as it seemed. Although season 15 aired in January 2020, the cast actually finished filming the season last March.


“So it was longer for us than it was for everyone else, and it felt like, ‘We’re never going to do this again,’” she said. “It was a miracle that we were able to make it this long.”

In regards to returning for the 16th season, Vangsness called it “amazing” and considers it a moment in her career.

“I’m still thinking, ‘What?'” she said, confessing, “I already want them to bring it back. [for another season] so bad. I know what we all do. So, so, so bad. Even [for] this is [one season]I’m like, “I can’t believe I have to do a whole season.” This is so nice”.


In addition to reuniting with his co-stars, Vangness is excited about the Criminal Minds: Evolution storyline so far, especially the fact that the updated format gives more behind the scenes when it comes to the BAU and its agents. “What I love about this show is that it’s a show that will make you feel,” she said. “But it’s also deeper; you are in it more. You feel like you’re going backstage. That’s great… Just wait. Getting better”.


Criminal Minds: Evolution airs Thursdays on Paramount+.


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