King Charles ‘pissed’ at mention of Camilla in Harry’s memoirs

Tension between father and son. Prince Harry shared intimate details of his experience with the royal family in his memoir Spare – and his father King Charles IIInot satisfied.

“Charles is desperate. He is angry and outraged that Harry has come out with so many embarrassing and defamatory statements, and this has put him in a terrible position with [Queen Consort] Camilla of course, now that she’s been pulled into the equation,” a source says exclusively in a new issue of the magazine. Us weeklyy. “It really crossed the line in many ways, but there are so many egregious comments and revelations from Harry that his father doesn’t know where to start. He hopes that in time the dust will settle and Harry will soften his heart towards his family, at least he hopes so. But he’s not going to press or apologize.”


AT Spare, which went on sale on Tuesday, January 10, the 38-year-old Duke of Sussex called his stepmother, Camille, 75, “dangerous,” writing: “I even wanted Camilla to be happy. Maybe she would be less dangerous if she was happy.

Sunday, January 8 60 minutes interview with Anderson CooperHarry explained exactly how the queen consort, who married 74-year-old Charles in 2005, was a danger.

“Because of the need for her to rehabilitate her image. This made her dangerous because of the connections she made in the British press,” the prince said. “And there was an open willingness on both sides to exchange information. With both a family built on hierarchy and with her on her way to becoming queen consort, this will leave people or bodies on the street.”


Archewell co-founder is confirmed in Spare that a “fanatical” member of his father’s team “designed and launched a new good press campaign” for Charles and Camille before their wedding. According to Harry, this strategy came to him “at the expense of bad press” and Prince William.


Know-It-All doesn’t just aim at Camille; Spare also contains many revelations about the former military pilot’s relationship with his brother. In the pages of his memoir, Harry calls the 40-year-old William both his “beloved brother” and his “sworn enemy.”

In one chapter, BetterUp’s CIO claimed that the Duke of Cambridge molested him when they argued over Harry’s wife. Meghan Marklein 2019.


“It all happened so fast. So very fast. He grabbed me by the collar, tore the necklace and threw me to the floor, ”said the former high-ranking member of the royal family.

A source said that after the release of the book Us that William was “horrified” by his brother’s statements.

King Charles III Leon Neal/WPA Pool/Shutterstock

“He doesn’t even recognize his own brother anymore,” an insider said of William on Wednesday, Jan. 11. “He wants to believe that there is still hope for the world, but it is difficult. The fact that Harry was so rude and abusive towards him, his wife, his father and the monarchy in general is just awful and he doesn’t understand how Harry can now return to the womb in any capacity.”


The source continued: “He has no plans to talk to Harry at the moment, he has come to terms with the fact that he lost his little brother and quite possibly for the rest of his life. He knew the book would be embarrassing and possibly explosive, but not like that. There’s so much anger, twisted interpretations, and in some cases outright untruth, as far as William sees it.”

Read more about the royal family’s reaction to Sparewatch the video above and select the latest issue of the magazine Us weekly – now on newsstands.


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