King Charles beat Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with a coronation move

Let me introduce you to what might sound a little crazy: King Charles is a tactical nerd with the best of them.

Elizabeth I could hold off the Spanish Armada in 1588, and the Prince Regent managed to keep this upstart Bonaparte on his side of the English Channel in 1815, and our new sovereign could just prove his considerable strategic intelligence.


How? His Majesty has reportedly invited none other than his son and daughter-in-law, Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, to his coronation next May.

It would be hard to find a soul right now who doesn’t know that this amazing gesture was made after the latest and most comprehensive round of Sussexes palace bloodshed with the release of their Netflix documentary this month, an effort of over 12 months, two directors and one deal for 140 million dollars is under development.

Leading up to the debut of the first part of the episodes, the anticipation and hype slowly grew, with the biggest question being how painful a blow to the monarchy and the House of Windsor would the Sussex revelations be?


The surprise grew and grew, and then… We got a hodgepodge of six episodes of luscious home movies, mostly already running allegations about the royal family’s horrific deeds, all with the occasional sprinkling of legitimate moments.


If the royal family expected to meet a knight with a broadsword on the battlefield, then instead they received a swinging chevalier on a mule that smelled of ale.

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While the walk may not have been as bad as feared, the very fact Harry and MeganThe existence of the royal family is once again bogged down in Megzit’s melodrama and the never-ending autopsy of how one of the king’s sons ended up in Katy Perry’s neighborhood instead of Windsor.

As soon as the second and final batch of episodes aired, the world began to wonder how Charles and Buckingham Palace would react to the Sussexes’ prime-time advance? Various British publications began publishing articles on whether titles should be stripped, and the cackling in Fleet Street grew louder and louder. Will the king, in the style of Henry VIII, after a long dinner and in the mood for a new wife, come out swaying?

Oh no.

Instead of this Telegraph announced that Charles would send invitations to the Sussexes for his coronation.


Although official invitations, which are expected to be printed on paper, have yet to be sent out, a source told the newspaper, “All family members are invited.”

Your move, Harry and Meghan.


The beauty of the palace no-answer is that it directly counters the Sussex description of the royal family as a ruthless group hell-bent on the survival of the monarchy, regardless of the loss of life.

Here is Charles still wanting his youngest son to be part of his coronation, even though his son now appears to be attacking the monarchy to make a living.

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Of course, this invitation doesn’t completely neutralize Harry’s claim that Brother William “screamed and yelled” at him or informed the press that he and Meghan or Charles said “something that just wasn’t true”, but it makes a big difference. for making the royal family look like a generous and kindhearted royal family willing to be much bigger people and ignore this Netflix nonsense.

In fact, the king would “mention” the Sussexes in his first Christmas speech as monarch. Telegraph, which was recorded after Harry and Meghan’s first “volume” hit the screens. The same report stated that even after the final episodes aired, “there was no desire to make any changes to his carefully crafted message in the wake of the increasingly violent attacks.”

A Palace strategy worthy of Sun Tzu goes beyond including the Sussexes on the big day next year, they are doing something else that has taken some by surprise.

Absolutely nothing.

The only line that came out of the Palace was a firm “no comment,” a position they reportedly would not back down from.

The courtier told Sunday Times“We deliberately aim to send a message while remaining silent. Our duty is to keep working. This is not an answer.

“The plan is to remain calm and carry on,” the royal source said with a “shrug.” Telegraph. “It’s very tiring, it’s very tiring, but it won’t distract them from their work.”

As Hurricane Sussex continued to rage, Charles was at the London Jewish Center Friday, dancing with Anne Frank’s half-sister at a Hanukkah party.

However, several royal insiders have made several swings at the Duke and Duchess in the press, with one source saying once that the pair “greatly overacted”.

“They have fired all their ammunition and continue to fire the same bullets. Their business model should be based on the fact that they make money from something, what will it be if you do not rely on this victim narrative? the source said.

Meanwhile, a friend of His Majesty also reported once Sussex show: “It’s not as bad for the monarchy as we feared. Most sane people will see him for what he is – self-indulgent, one-sided and exploitative. With each passing month and year, it will look tasteless and shameful.

But before all these insiders and the Windsors themselves head to the living room for a quick bite to eat, they are still far from out of the woods.

What Sunday Times the story also reported that Harry’s autobiography, Spare, “includes statements about the monarchy that are more incendiary than those made in the Netflix series.”

Will the Palace be able, or even be able to maintain its current position in the face of a new wave of possibly murderous claims?

We may be very close to the new year, but for Charles and company, they seem to be facing the same old problems. Maybe they should pop the champagne now, because god knows the fizz might be about to fade from this new reign.

Daniela Elser is a writer and royal commentator with over 15 years of experience working with a range of leading Australian media outlets.

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