Kim Kardashian’s new boyfriend Pete Davidson just wants her to be ‘happy’ as she files to drop married name

After Kim Kardashian filed to drop her married name – West – sources are saying boyfriend Pete Davidson just wants to ‘please’ her.

The Saturday Night Live comic, 28, is standing in support of Kim, 41, according to hollywoodlife,

Pete Davidson stands by Kim Kardashian amid decision to remove West from his name


Pete Davidson stands by Kim Kardashian amid decision to remove West from his namecredit: Instagram
Kim changed her surname amid separation from estranged husband Kanye West


Kim changed her surname amid separation from estranged husband Kanye Westcredit: Splash News

According to sources close to the KKW Beauty founder, Pete isn’t particularly phased by the decision.

The insider added: “Pete has really little reaction to Kim’s decision to change her name back and remove West from it.”

He continued: “If she wants to do it, she’s all for it. She’s all about asking people to do things that people want to do for themselves. Whatever makes you happy is her mindset.” “

Referring to Pete’s decision to laser several of his questionable tattoos, the insider said: “He’s currently getting his tattoos removed and he doesn’t want anyone to judge him for that, so he wants someone to do something similar. Why would judge for what makes them feel better like a name change?


“It doesn’t affect him or their relationship. If he’s happy then he’s happy. That’s his stand on it.”

Kim recently filed to become “legally single” and dropped West-estranged husband Kanye West’s surname from her name.

The filing came after Kanye changed the song during his son’s runway. A recent benefit concert, rapping: “I want you to come back to me… and especially, Kimberly.”

Kim was at the concert despite being in the middle of her divorce from the Chicago rapper.


The Keeping Up With The Kardashians alum filed for divorce in February.

She and the musician, who goes by Ye, have been married for seven years at the time.

time’s up

Kim filed for removal of Yee’s surname almost immediately after His concert grand gesture.

an insider confirmed hollywoodlife That the mother of four had, in fact, filed saying: “This is absolutely true of Kim being legally single and filing documents to change her last name back to just Kardashian.”

The source said the concert was the last straw for Kim.


The source said, “As soon as he put her on the spot and embarrassed her in front of her kids and her family by saying, ‘Run Kimberly to me'” she was done.

Kim was on the show with kids St., 6, and North, 8. Kendall Jenner was also present.

The insider claimed that Kim felt she “needed to act immediately” and called her lawyer.

He added: “He didn’t see any other option. Kanye is not only upsetting Kim and her family, but he’s confusing his kids with the things he’s saying to her.”

The Hollywood Life source said that because Kim and Ye’s kids are getting older, they “are able to understand what he’s saying and what’s going on.”


by becoming legally single, Kim’s marital status may change despite the fact that her divorce from Kanye is ongoing.

This allows them to focus on custody and property division without the other distractions.

A source had earlier claimed that Kim no plans to change his nameBut it seems he has changed his mind.

In the midst of drama with Ye, Kim continues to spend time with Pete.

The pair connected when Kim hosted SNL in October.

During his monologue, she touched on their split, saying: “So when I divorced her, you have to know that I’ve come down to one thing – her personality.

“I know it sounds mean, but people keep telling me that comedy comes from the truth.

“And if there’s one thing I’ve always strived to be, it’s real.”

He even touched upon it during a June episode of KUWTK.

during a confession on the show, sister Khloe Kardashian said: “Kim is going through a lot right now. And it’s tough because just before we got here, Kim and Kanye got into this huge fight.”

The show aired a clip of Kim crying in bed after she admitted to sister Kylie Jenner: “I can’t do this anymore. I can’t.

“How am I still in this place where I’ve been stuck for years? As it goes and goes to a different state every year.”

Kim continued: “And I have to be in a place where I’m together for the kids.

“And he’s a wonderful father. And he did and did amazing things.”

She continued: “I think she deserves someone who can support her every step of the way and can go to Wyoming and be with her and follow her everywhere.

,he deserves a wife Who travels with him and is for everything. I think the af**king has failed.”

Couple’s last straw, per A The Sun. previous report of, came when they could not agree on a summer vacation destination.

A source said at the time: “Friends have been told that the last straw came when Kim and Kanye were planning a family summer and they couldn’t agree.”

The insider continued: “It seemed like nothing more than a simple conversation over dates and venues, and sadly it turned into a huge argument.

“The final fight that ended their marriage was nothing more than plans for the summer.

“It was a fight that wasn’t even that serious and it put Kim on the sidelines.

“Kim was fed up with the endless struggle and finally gave it up.”

She filed for divorce in February


She filed for divorce in Februarycredit: Splash News
The rapper expressed his love and pleaded for his back during a recent concert with Drake


The rapper expressed his love and pleaded for his back during a recent concert with Drakecredit: splash
Kim focuses on his relationship with Peet and becoming a lawyer


Kim focuses on his relationship with Peet and becoming a lawyercredit: Instagram
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