Kim Kardashian’s birthday gift to Pete Davidson was a meet-and-greet with this celebrity!

a celeb is doing the dish that he was actually kim kardashianbirthday gift for Pete Davidson,


The 28-year-old SNL star celebrated her birthday on November 16 and Kim was with him on this occasion.

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kim arrangement for rapper Flavor Flav To hang out with them for Pete’s birthday celebration!

flavor flavor photo

“When It Comes Down to Pete Davidson And Kim Kardashian‘First of all, to me, that’s family, you know what I’m talking about,’ Flew said ET Canada, “And the whole night I was so honored to be in his presence. One thing I could say is Pete Davidson loves himself Flavor Flav, All that he does is,’Flavor Flav This, Flavor Flav She, Flavor Flav This, Flavor Flav She.’ therefore kim Said, ‘Okay, okay, for your birthday, you’re leaving Flavor Flav, He sent for me and that’s how I got there. ,


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