Kim Kardashian was not happy the answer went live on TikTok

“Come on, is he really alive?”

North West Her social media access is about to be revoked!


Kim Kardashian’s eight-year-old daughter found herself in a bit of trouble after going live on TikTok, when she definitely wasn’t supposed to.

The mother-daughter duo joined the app over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend and have since shared funny personal videos with their 2 million followers.

While North has clearly been in control of a lot of the posts on the account, she didn’t get the rights to go live — especially while her mom was in bed!

“Mom, I’m alive!” North can be heard saying this as Kim enters the room.


Kim immediately sits down, trying to end Live, saying, “No wait, you’re not allowed!” Before asking someone nearby if it’s actually streaming.

“Ok bye!” North quickly shouted before ending live.

Luckily, a fan captured a recording of the entire hilarious conversation… which undoubtedly ended with an off camera scolding for answers!

See it all below.



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