Kim Kardashian reveals advice from Mason Disick about keeping North safe on TikTok

Despite Kim’s brief annoyance, she and North quickly began posting on their combined TikTok account for their 2.3 million followers, which have since been shared with several new videos.

One person commented on a reposted clip of the livestream, that “showing your house is dangerous,” and that the answer “needs to be”. [off] social media for [a] Whereas.”


“Kim should take away that phone for a while as punishment. She knows she is not allowed to go live and especially show up around her house, but she did it anyway,” read another comment .

“Kim should ban the reply from TikTok for some time or just monitor it very closely,” echoed another.

“I did exactly as he did,” he wrote. “I will live life and now I regret saying one of the things I said.”

Perhaps most memorable, Mason went straight off a Rumor which has long been revolving around Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s relationship – something that would normally have been open as a conspiracy keeping up with the Kardashians,


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