Kevin Bridges shares first photo of cute boy with adorable name

KEVIN Bridges posted a photo of his cute boy on social media for the first time and revealed his adorable name.

The 36-year-old Scottish comedy idol and his wife Kerry announced they were expecting a baby last May.



Kevin Bridges first shared a picture of his boy on social media.1 credit

The Clydebank-born star has been hiding her son from prying eyes since his birth in late summer 2021.

But fans have been craving to see the 15-month-old baby ever since he was born.

And now Kevin has told the Scottish Sun that they have decided to name their gorgeous son Liam and has shared the very first photo of him since his world tour wrapped up.


In a touching social media post, Kevin posted a series of snapshots of his time from his triumphant Overdue Catch-Up tour across the UK, during which he sold an astounding 500,000 tickets.


One Instagram photo shows Kevin walking out of the area with a backpack and holding his baby in his arms.

His son looks over his shoulder for the first time and looks straight into the camera, with his dog walking behind him. We chose to pixelate Liam’s face.


He captioned the post, “Five arena tours completed!

“Thanks to everyone who came. It was a trip. From comedy clubs in January to big f*cking arenas, we’re back for more.

“A few off-field issues to work out and then there will be some international gigs and of course a DVD / special / whatever it’s called these days.

“Until 2023, man and god, bless the hearts of trigger fans, as well as my mom, dad, brother, wife and the legend of my son and my cat – thank you.


“There we were, now we are here.

“See you soon…”


Since being published this morning, the post has quickly racked up over 7,200 likes and 100 comments.

Fans flocked to the comments to praise the prankster for his show and wish him a Merry Christmas with his family.

One person said: “The best stand-up I’ve been to. It’s been great to laugh so much after the last few years, which is much needed. Merry Christmas to you and your family.”

Another added, “Sooo funny. Big fan….. glad to see your progress in work and family. Enjoy your Christmas, Kev.”

Someone else wrote: “Well done mate, insane. Rest and Merry Christmas to you and your family.”

While a fourth wrote, “Oh congratulations… your baby is so cute.”

The fifth intervened, “Best one, enjoy your free time with your family.”

Kevin quickly became famous and in 2015 sold 500,000 tickets for a UK tour.

He outsold established comedians after his third DVD sold 30,000 copies in just one week.

After suffering a burnout in 2015, Kevin was inspired to write his own book, Black Dog, about a jaded Hollywood star who is forced to return to his small hometown in Scotland after his sister overdoses on dr*gs.

According to the Times, he said Edinburgh International Book Festival: “[I thought] why don’t I use my experience as someone who is famous in the world of show business, who is experiencing burnout.

“After my 2015 tour, I thought about quitting stand-up because I stopped liking it.

“Financially I was healthy and I felt like I had achieved my dream, I did it. It was great, I took care of my family and wanted to do something else.

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