Kelly Clarkson says Red Flag resulted in Brandon Blackstock divorce — she knows

over the course of a year, Kelly Clarkson Used to be In the eyes of the public going through a major life change, Original American Idol Has gone through a lengthy divorce proceeding from a detached spouse Brandon Blackstock Since filing to end their marriage in June 2020. More than a year later, though, Clarkson is looking back on her divorce from her ex-spouse and manager and opening up about missing some major red flags during their relationship.


During a recent appearance on Delilah. love someone with podcast, new solo songwriter It turns out that she has no objections about how her life and marriage ended. “I have no regrets. Even the unfortunate things that happen in your life or tough things, ’cause we can do tough things,’ Clarkson explained. “But I also think that’s what you need to do. Shapes up, that’s what makes you a better person, that’s what gives you identity: well me missed those red flagsI missed that, I deliberately ignored it.”

Lightening the mood, Clarkson quipped that she should name her next album “red flag collector,” adding, “I mean… I’m just collecting them. Obviously I wanted to do some kind of performance with several of them.” It seems pretty clear here that Clarkson is referring to her marriage and subsequent divorce From Blackstock during this exchange.

The couple had been married for almost seven years and welcomed two children together before Clarkson filed for divorce. All that happened during the proceedings was a protracted dispute over money, custody of the child and even Former Couple Of Montana Rancho, But in the midst of it all, Clarkson has remained so candid about certain aspects of their divorce. Now, the singer is all set for a clean slate in 2022, and to find love again in the future? The door is certainly still open for Clarkson. “I mean… you never know about love,” she said fearlessly.

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