Katie Price stabs ex Peter Andre and claims that all of her financial problems are due to ex-husbands.

KATHIE Price has taken a swipe at her ex Peter Andre by claiming all her financial problems stem from her ex-husbands.

The mother-of-five said the men were “a downfall in her life” as she said she “paid” for their lives, leaving her completely broke.



Cathy said that love was her “downfall in life”.1 credit
She hit that "people" including her exes like Peter Andre caused her financial problems


She noticed that “men”, including her exes such as Peter Andre, caused her financial problems.1 credit

Kathy, 44, said “all her drama” “has always been caused by men” ahead of her upcoming bankruptcy hearing.

She said Time that she was a “love sucker” and was spending her millions on her relationships because she had a “need for validation”.

“It does not take a genius to understand that men are the collapse of my life. A million percent,” she explained.


“All my dramas, my bankruptcy are all men. Always men.

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“When you see how the former gloat, knowing that you paid for things, this is the worst torment for me.

“My triggers when I fall are men. And I’m a sucker for love. Before, I needed confirmation. Male approval. I want them to want me, but they don’t.”


Katy was declared bankrupt in November 2019 – after her £45 million fortune was completely spent.

In October, Katy failed to recover a whopping £370,000 when her Jordan Trading Ltd officially paid off hundreds of thousands of debts.

Joint liquidator Simon Thomas said there was no chance of repaying the entire debt as the company owes £192,376 to a tax officer and £25,745 to trade creditors.

Cathy also took out a principal’s loan of £152,423 which she did not repay, bringing the total to £370,544.


We can report that the total is currently £3.265 million with Jordan Trading Ltd being owed 4.73 per cent of that amount which will never be refunded.

Now there’s a long legal battle ahead of creditors personally owed by Katie, whose £1.3m ‘dirty mansion’ is at risk.


Next year, Kathy will again appear in court at a bankruptcy hearing.

Her next bankruptcy hearing is scheduled to take place at the Crown Court in London on February 9, 2023.

It comes after Katy and her latest love interest, Carl Woods, revealed they went their separate ways after a cheating scandal.

Last week, the former glamor model took to her Instagram stories to tell her fans that she is “single, strong and independent.”

The pair were thought to have flown to Austria together last week, but insiders said they were “stranded” again.

The couple have since broken up, and Katie confirmed her relationship status with a stern Instagram post today.

She posted a quote that read, “SINGLE is strong, independent, visible, loving, enlightened.”

Last month, Katy and ex Carl were embroiled in a “fraud” scandal when he took to social media to confirm they were no longer together.

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Shortly after, they went on vacation together, but sources have suggested that things aren’t as rosy as they seem.

Insiders said the couple were “on edge” as they “argued” during the trip, calling the relationship “ups and downs.”

Katie recently broke up with her ex Carl Woods.


Katie recently broke up with her ex Carl Woods.1 credit

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