Katie Price Predicts Her Downfall and Claims Her Life Was Cursed by a ‘Hex’

Katie Price predicted her recent ‘fall’ while she was married to Peter Andre 11 years ago.

The former glamor model – who went to jail today after admitting to driving under the influence of alcohol – told Peter she believed she was cursed and that it was only a matter of time before her life completely fell apart.

Katie's 2021 was bad - with a car accident and a court case


Katie’s 2021 was bad – with a car accident and a court casecredit: getty
Katie predicted on The Baby Diaries in 2007


Katie predicted on The Baby Diaries in 2007credits: ITV

Her reality show The Baby Diaries – 2007 had a chilling prediction.

The star daughter was pregnant with the princess when she said she was convinced someone had put a hex on her or her son, Harvey, who – at the time – was taken to the hospital after an accident when a mirror fell on her. He was five years old at that time.

Katie said: “I feel like I’m cursed, right? Or Harvey is cursed.

“I feel like someone has cursed Harvey and tempted me every time, to see how far they can emotionally push me, must be!”


Katie was married to Peter Andre when she correctly predicted that some kind of ‘curse’ would cause her world to come crashing down.

While Katie was once worth £40m with the hit TV show, she has recently been cursed with misfortune – from being attacked in her own home to her dramatic car accident.

Star, now 43, pleaded guilty to drink-driving, driving while disqualified and driving without insurance and was sentenced today at Crowley Magistrates’ Court.

He was given a 16-week sentence, suspended for 12 months, 100 hours of unpaid work, 20 sessions of rehabilitation work with probation, and a two-year driving ban.


She will also pay £213 in costs. The court was told that he already owed £7,358 to the court.

In court, District Judge Amanda Kelly told Starr: “Not everyone unlike you has the luxury of putting themselves in a priory clinic when their life gets tough”, Katie’s driving record was “absolutely appalling” and her The actions were “incredibly selfish”.

He said: “You showed no concern for others when you decided to get behind the wheel that night.

“You could have killed someone. Your actions meant that the emergency services had to waste their precious time.

“You knowingly and knowingly violated a court order and not for the first time.


“You think you’re above the law.”

But she explained that the reason for Katie’s escape from prison was that at an earlier hearing, Starr was told that sentencing would be postponed on the understanding that she would attend The Priory, a rehab facility for treatment and no further does not commit crime.

He pleaded guilty to the charges on September 29, a day after crashing his Range Rover on a B2135 near Partridge Green.

At the scene, she told the police: “I took drugs, I shouldn’t drive, I accept it all”.

Katie pleads guilty in court and escapes from prison


Katie pleads guilty in court and escapes from prisoncredit: mega agency


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