Katie Price blasts mother of drink-drive victims after ‘spoiled princess’ is released from prison in BMW crash

Katie Price was thrashed by the mothers of two drunken driving victims when she was released from prison for overturning her car in a horrific accident.

There are descriptions of women whose relatives were killed by drinkers Reality star suspended sentence as “disgusting” and “a ridicule of British justice”.

Katie Price Crowley arrives at Magistrates Court holding her phone

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Katie Price Crowley arrives at Magistrates Court holding her phonecredits: PA
He flipped his BMW in an accident in September

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He flipped his BMW in an accident in Septembercredit: mega agency

Kirsty Martel, whose 21-year-old brother Frank was killed in 2017, said: “It’s a disgusting sentence. Price has survived with just a slap on the wrist.

“This is just another example that unless someone is murdered, drinking is not taken seriously.”

The 35-year-old added: “Any drink-driver is just a ticking timebomb, which can result in tragedy.

“Therefore, there must be a much harsher punishment to act as a serious deterrent for those who drink to help avoid the tragedy that happened to our family.”


Senwyn Briden, whose fashion student’s daughter died in March 2014 when her Fiat Punto was hit by an over-the-limits driver, agreed that Price’s 16-week suspended sentence, 100 Hours of community service and 20 rehab sessions were nowhere near enough.

“It’s really unbelievable,” she said.

“The fact is that if he had already been banned and then did so it should have been an automatic prison sentence.

“It makes fun of the entire justice system of this country. I can’t believe she got away with it when she was banned.


“Just because she has money, she thinks she is above the law.

“Something like that really crosses me because it’s just pure luck that he hasn’t killed anyone.

“My daughter was killed by a drink driver and I know a car is a powerful weapon.”

The 51-year-old added: “I’m really disgusted. It’s such a generous sentence. He clearly hasn’t learned his lesson if he’s done it before.”

“In two years’ time she’ll be back behind the wheel and she can kill anyone – your daughter, your mother, anyone.”


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Price, 43, a former glamor model, faced court today for overturning his BMW in a crash in Horsham, West Sussex in September.

was a TV personality was going to see a friend because she was “lonely”“When the sabotage happened.

She had already been banned from driving when she got behind the wheel after consuming cocaine and drinking vodka and lemonade.

He was warned at Crowley Magistrates’ Court that he could face prison after pleading guilty to a drink of alcohol.


The former glamor model also admitted one count of driving without insurance and one count of driving while disqualified during a hearing in September.

But instead she was sentenced to a suspended 16-week prison sentence of one year, 100 hours of community service, and ordered to attend 20 rehab sessions.

His driving ban was also extended by two years and he would have to pay £213 in costs on top of the £7,358 he already owes the court.

A judge slams former glamor model,

  • “You deserve to spend Christmas behind bars.”
  • “You have one of the worst driving records I’ve ever seen.”
  • “Your actions that night were incredibly selfish.”
  • “You could kill someone’s child, partner, parent, or friend.”
  • “You feel, it seems, that you are above the law.”

Sentencing, District Judge Amanda Kelly said: “You showed no concern for others when you decided to get behind the wheel that night.

“You could have killed someone. Your actions meant that the emergency services had to waste their precious time.

“You knowingly and knowingly violated a court order and not for the first time.

“You think you’re above the law.”

The judge also said that Price, who has had six previous driving defects, had “one of the worst driving records I have ever seen”.

She continued: “The public may be surprised to learn that I am unable to send you to jail today… you deserve to spend Christmas behind bars.”

Price was previously ordered treat in the priory and was slapped with an additional driving ban.

The mother of five moved to Las Vegas with fiancé Carl, 32, soon after leaving the £2,000-a-week treatment center.

The court was told that a witness assisted him and that Price was left “trapped” in his BMW before waiting for emergency services to arrive.

After being confronted by police at the scene, Price is heard saying “I took drugs, I shouldn’t drive, I accept it all”.

past driving conventions


Katie Price has been banned from driving six times in the past ten years following multiple violations.

October 2003: Survived by overcharging on a technicality.

June 2008: Three points awarded for talking on mobile.

July 2010: Four points for speed at 99mph.

September: Three points for veering off her alley in her 7½-ton pink horsebox.

DECEMBER: A six-month ban after three more points for doing 83mph in the 70mph zone takes his total to 13.

August 2012: 12-month ban for not responding to two speeding tickets.

FEBRUARY 2018: Banned for six months for failing to give details about a person driving a speeding car.

July: Interrogated by police for being behind the wheel even after being banned. She says she thought the ban was over.

September: A £63,000 Ranger Rover reportedly crashes on his mobile.

October: Arrested on suspicion of drunken driving. Spent the night in the cell.

December: Accused of driving under the influence of alcohol.

January 2019: Three-month ban on driving while banned.

February: Three months after another driving conviction.

AUTUMN: Continuing with the sixth ban, this time for two years. 18 months deduction on appeal.

March 2021: Drives boyfriend’s Range Rover. An admin error means an additional six months were not added under deferring rules. The police inquired.

September: Arrested after car overturns

Prosecutor Debbie Jones said a drug wipe gave a positive reading for cocaine, but the charge of driving through the drugs was dropped by the court.

It was also found to have an alcohol level of 66mg when inhaled. The legal limit is 35mg.

When taken to the police station, she did not comment, but claimed she was “alone” and wanted to visit her close friend.

Defense barrister Joe Harrington told the court that Price was “a woman who had a lot going on”, citing ongoing court cases regarding her five children as well as bankruptcy.

He said it was a “one-off incident” and that she over-corrected her driving, which caused her to crash.

Explaining why he was released from prison today, Judge Kelly said: “The law says that when a person has complied with the conditions of his release, you have a legitimate expectation that you will not be jailed today – even if You deserve to spend Christmas behind bars.”

‘absolute crap’

But on top of criticism from parents of drink-drive victims, the Campaign Against Drink Driving (CADD) called Price’s suspended sentence “beyond belief”.

Trustee John Scrooby, 61, a retired traffic cop, said: “When I heard he had received a non-custodial sentence, I was completely stunned.

“I’m pretty sure it’s only Price’s celebrity status that has saved her.

“I’d like to invite her to speak to bereaved relatives left by drink-driving and let them know they’re sorry.

“It’s time for her to stop acting like a spoiled little princess and grow up a little bit.”

While Price escaped being thrown behind bars, the driver of the car jailed Kirsty’s brother Frank, Joseph Tem, for six years and a driving ban for eight after exceeding two and a half times the drink-drive limit. have put.

The driver who killed Senwyn’s daughter Miriam Briden, Gareth Entwistle, was jailed for five and a half years, which was later reduced to six months.

Price ran free at the same time a motorist was jailed after being caught driving more than three times the legal limit.

Andreas Bartinkas, 33, of Haverhill, Suffolk, was jailed for 20 weeks and given a five-year driving ban after admitting to driving with excess alcohol.

He was seen driving erratically by the police and nearly colliding with a parked car.

Magistrates in Ipswich heard that this was his third third drink-driving conviction and that he had already been banned from the streets for four years when he was apprehended.

Inspector Gary Miller of the Roads and Armed Policing Team said: “I find it astonishing that someone can be so reckless on one occasion – let alone on three occasions – and driving more than three times is not only extremely foolish and dangerous. , it is a serious risk to life.

“The court was left with no option but to send him to jail.”

Price has been banned from driving a total of six times in the last ten years.

Katie dropped her phone as soon as she reached the court

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Katie dropped her phone as soon as she reached the courtcredit: Rex
He was depicted leaning down to lift him off the ground

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He was depicted leaning down to lift him off the groundcredits: PA
she was wearing a bright blue puffer jacket

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she was wearing a bright blue puffer jacketcredit: gof
KAtie appeared to get a lot of likes on Instagram

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KAtie appeared to get a lot of likes on Instagramcredits: PA
The star was supported by Carl Woods

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The star was supported by Carl Woodscredit: gof
Katie was convicted in September

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Katie was convicted in September
She went to the Prairie with Carl Woods before moving to Vegas

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She went to the Prairie with Carl Woods before moving to Vegascredit: Instagram
The reality star rolls out the BMW at around 6.30

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The reality star rolls out the BMW at around 6.30credit: Dan Charity
The wreckage of the accident scattered on the side of the road

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The wreckage of the accident scattered on the side of the road
Katie Price reveals she’ll spend Christmas at haunted Mucky Mansion if she escapes prison


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