Katie Price and Carl Woods kiss and hold hands again after cheating allegations

Katie Price and Carl Woods appear to be back as they were seen kissing and holding hands in public following the cheating allegations.

The pair were spotted having an intimate moment just days after Katy split from 34-year-old car dealer Carl.



Katy and Carl hugged and kissed outside the hall.Credit: Splash/CLICK NEWS & MEDIA
Carl announced that he and Kathy had broken up earlier this week.


Carl announced that he and Kathy had broken up earlier this week.Credit: Splash/CLICK NEWS & MEDIA

Katy, 44, and Carl unfollowed each other on social media after the media personality took to Instagram to claim cheating.

Speaking directly to fans in the video, the car salesman said, “I found out yesterday that Katy cheated on me.

“It’s hard for me to say that. To be honest, it’s pretty embarrassing, but Cathy and I are no longer together.

“She admitted that she cheated on me, she slept with someone else. I think that’s the end of it.”

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The police were then called to Katie’s house after a heated altercation with Carl prior to his announcement on social media with Katie “fearing for her safety” as the argument got out of hand.

However, the couple appears to be back as they were photographed together meeting for a late lunch in West Suss*x.

Katy, who was casual in leggings, black boots, a white jumper and a black vest, held hands with her former beau as they walked together.

Carl, dressed in sweatpants and a black t-shirt that he paired with white sneakers, looked like he had forgiven Cathy.


He leaned in for an intimate hug with the former glamor model as they were about to share a cheeky kiss outside a restaurant.

The couple looked loved again just a few days after Carl opened up about his breakup with Katie following allegations of infidelity.

He made the claims in a spectacular video revealing that their two-year relationship ended after Katie “cheated”.

Carl unfollowed Katy on social media following the Instagram story videos and has yet to find out more.

Police were called to Katie’s home around 9 p.m. the day before the news broke on social media.


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An insider told us: “Karl was furious to find messages from another man on Katie’s phone. He demanded that Kathy return her engagement ring, but she doesn’t have one and she didn’t even apologize.

“They have had a rocky relationship for a long time and Katy’s family doesn’t want him in her life. He’s gotten more and more jealous since it was revealed she was texting ex-boyfriend Chris Boyson on the Princess’ daughter’s phone in March.”

A spokesman for Suss*x Police said: “We have responded to the report of a domestic incident. The officers arrived to conduct a welfare check. The investigation is ongoing and no further information is available at this stage.”

Just a few days ago, the couple seemed in love, having just returned from a luxurious trip to Thailand together.


Katie referred to Carl’s beau as her “rock” and the couple planned to get married and even tried to have a baby.

However, they’ve had a rollercoaster relationship this year: Kristen Bell Tattoos reported in July that she told strangers she was single.

A viewer said: “Katie let her hair down and told people her engagement to Carl was over.

“She said the couple rowed non-stop on vacation and it got to the point of fighting when she decided to put an end to it when they got home.”

Katie and Carl walked hand in hand a few days after breaking up


Katie and Carl walked hand in hand a few days after breaking upCredit: Splash/CLICK NEWS & MEDIA
Kathy and Carl were about to kiss before going out.


Kathy and Carl were about to kiss before going out.Credit: Splash/CLICK NEWS & MEDIA
The couple appeared to have gone out to dinner together.


The couple appeared to have gone out to dinner together.Credit: Splash/CLICK NEWS & MEDIA

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