Katherine Heigl never saw her daughter on Grey’s Anatomy

Hard time. Katherine Heigl spoke about the difficulties she faced as a mother while working on Grey’s Anatomy — and feeling alienated from daughter Nali after so many separations.

“I have never seen this child. I was at work with three triplets who played my goddaughter, and I spent more time with them than with my new daughter, and she became close to my husband,” Heigl, 44, said on the Monday, November 28 episode of ​series. View. “So I was always afraid that I missed the opportunity to really get close to her and that she didn’t love me.”


firefly lane The actress tied the knot with her husband Josh Kelly in 2007. Two years later, Us weekly confirmed that the couple adopted baby Nali from South Korea. Later that month, the couple shared photos of their then 10-month-old baby.

However, less than a year after they brought their baby home, Heigl was “on a plane” and returned to “work in Atlanta” for the ABC series.

“At the time when I became a mother, I thought: “I understand. I understand. I can handle it,” she explained. “You know, they told us we could have it all. We can have a career and a family, and everything will be fine. Everything will work out.”


Despite the challenges of being a working mom, Life as it is the star hinted at her desire to expand her family during a June 2010 interview with Gala magazine. “We would love to have a second child, adopted or biological,” the Golden Globe nominee said at the time. – We do not rule it out.

Two years later, a spokesman for Heigl confirmed that Us weekly that the parents adopted a second daughter named Adalaida. The couple’s third child, son Joshua, was born in December 2016.

The Washington, D.C. native was candid about the hardships she had to face. Grey’s Anatomy over the years. Heigl portrayed Dr. Izzy Stevens on the medical drama for over 100 episodes from 2005 to 2010 when she left midway through the sixth season. Her sudden departure came after a public feud with the creator Shonda Rhimes.

“There was a denouement in Izzy’s story. We planned for her to return in the episode to properly bond Izzy and Alex (Justin Chambers)”, Krista Vernoff, who worked on seasons 1-7 of the medical drama before returning as showrunner for season 14, said Los Angeles Times in November 2020. “And I wrote this episode, and it was beautiful. The day before pre-production or filming was supposed to start, I don’t remember, we got a call that Cathy wasn’t coming. Just didn’t come. Didn’t mean to do it. It became my job to stay up all night for several nights and rethink a script that didn’t include Izzy.”


Vernoff went on to say that while fans have “shouted” at the writers for Heigl’s departure for “years,” the show always had plans to wrap up Izzy’s story. “This is a behind-the-scenes story. That’s what happened. I’m not saying this to offend Cathy. I don’t know what happened in her life,” she explained.

However, sources close to Heigl said Us at a time when Vernoff “got it wrong” when it came to the actress leaving the series. “Kathryn returned to Los Angeles after a maternity leave (when she adopted her Adalaida) and was waiting to be called to the set,” the insider shared.

Heigl, for her part, told Access in 2014, she hopes to “someday” mend her relationship with 52-year-old Rhimes. January 2021 knocked the star even told Washington Post that returning as Izzy before the long-running series ends will “totally depend on the team there and how they feel about it and the story.”

She added, “Never say never.”


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