Kate Winslet Says James Cameron Has Become ‘Calmer’ Since ‘Titanic’ & Director Reveals Why Sequel Took 13 Years –

The world premiere of Avatar: The Path of Water Held in London’s Leicester Square on Tuesday, the film’s stars gathered to celebrate its debut. Kate Winslet, James Cameron, Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver and Andy Serkis were in attendance and spoke to about their work on the highly anticipated sequel.

Winslet returned to directing Cameron after 25 years and said he was “absolutely amazing”.


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“He’s great at bringing actors together and getting them to figure it out,” she said during the premiere. “If something doesn’t work, he’ll say, ‘OK, let’s do something else.’ And so, that sense of collaboration was amazing and actually, I think maybe more than I expected.

Winslet added that “everyone was very open and fluid” during filming. It’s been 25 years. Titanic was released in theaters and, reflecting on her experience then and now, Winslet said that Cameron is now “calm and cool” as a parent.


Cameron opened up about why it took 13 years to get it Avatar The sequel


“At first, I was doing deep sea expeditions for a few years. Then we got serious about doing it. Avatarwe wrote four scripts — that took two years,” he said. “What we’re trying to do is kind of front-load the whole process so that we get them out to market a few years apart. So once we get back, we’ll be back to say that.”

Sam Worthington talks about being in the water between takes while shooting the movie. Avatar The sequel


Sigourney Weaver said the filming was “such an adventure”. Avatar: The Path of Water

“It’s just a joy to play complicated with someone and just learn free diving and all the other stuff — knife fighting — and all that stuff as a great adventure,” he said.

Producer Jon Lando teased that he is working on a sequel. Alita: Angel of War That he would “like to circle back”.

Andy Serkis revealed that he is “right in the middle of making. Animal farm


Stephen Lang talked about how his character has changed since viewers last saw him and added that Miles Quaritch’s “constitution is not as principled and straightforward as it used to be. “

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