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we already know Kate Middleton Carrying out his duties as a senior member of royal family with complete equality. Duchess of Cambridge and her husband, Prince WilliamThere have been so many engagements over the past several months, we can barely keep track of them. With a new year on the way, Cambridge will undoubtedly take on more responsibilities, and it looks like Kate is already taking on a leadership role within the next generation of the monarchy.


Just a few days ago Kate hosted Guests of the Royal Carols: Together at Christmas, which will be broadcast throughout the United Kingdom on Christmas Eve. At the event, the Duchess of Cambridge mingled with the guests and looked as festive as ever in a sparkling red outfit, But the occasion provided further evidence that Kate’s role in the royal family is becoming more serious, according to a royal expert. “The carol service was Kate’s idea – but it is a way for other members of the Royal Family, who are all involved on the COVID front in one way or another, to come together and say thank you,” shared royal expert Dickie Arbiter Did. daily mail female section.

“It was very much an initiative of the Duchess of Cambridge, who works closely with the Duke. It was almost a joint project led by the Duchess,” he continued. The arbiter also explained that William and Kate were “the monarchy within the “bridge”, as Cambridge maintains and Strengthening global and domestic interests in the Royal Family Going forward.


It should come as no surprise to learn that Kate is taking on more leadership roles within the royal family. The Duchess of Cambridge has already proven time and again that she can Aplomb to his senior royal duties. handle with, But seeing her take the reins of an event held at Westminster Abbey certainly gives us a glimpse of the type of leadership she will continue to display well into the future.

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