Kate Middleton and Prince William’s family Christmas photo makes history

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have released their annual Christmas card and the shot they have chosen is extremely unusual.

There are very few certainties in life, but one thing we can say with rock solid, absolutely unequivocal confidence is that the world has never seen and will never see the Queen in shorts.


So did her son, the lifelong regal intern, Prince Charles. The only reason we know he actually has knees is the bottom of his penchant for slipping into a kilt north of the border and hitting Scotland. (Well, he and Mahal’s failed attempts to pass him off as some kind of flamboyant action man in the ’70s, with some fanciful beach shots popping up on the front pages.)

But the thing about a new sovereign (or sovereign-in-the-making) is that they can do things their own way, which is why this weekend, Prince William will be the first future king of Great Britain. and became the keeper of the faith. An official image proudly wearing shorts.

Khaki dad shorts on that.


in the weekends, William and wife Kate, Duchess of Cambridge release their official Christmas card For the year, a moment that is normally remarkable given how predictably unimaginative and monotonous the carefully chosen image is.


For years now, the couple has stuck to a pretty standard formula of young children suitably scrubbed in a garden coordinating palates.

But not this year.


After a rather stormy, trying year, the Cambridges abandoned their usual tedious dedication to dull family portraits and opted for a photo taken during Jordan’s vacation.

This is not your typical royal Christmas card, not by a long shot.

William is sitting on a round gold orb, Kate has clearly managed to get her hair curler into the desert and the couple’s three tots all look like they just got an extended visit to Grandpa Charles’ house. Threatened with travel. Instant lecture about 15th century Tuscan architecture. (A powerful incentive to behave if ever there was one.)

However, what really sets it apart from such past pesky fare is not only William’s casual attire, but also the fact that he and Kate have been at each other’s feet since King Henry VIII. Most poignant performance by an emperor. Looked at Anne Boleyn and started getting ideas.


It wasn’t just a gentle intimacy, but a much more racist one, if you will, this clearly demonstrated in contrast to his usual reserved and restrained public demeanor.

And what makes it all the more interesting is that this card reveals what William and Kate are doing right now. That is, it highlights the degree to which both are obediently showing little appetite to walk the line and rigidly, blindly following the firm’s status quo.


This card really gives an indication of the extent to which they intend to do things their way and if that means looking at the pasty gums of the one-day King William IV, then so be it.

William and Kate may be making their way to the throne, but the message that is increasingly emerging is that they intend to do it on their own terms.

In fact, over the past 12 months there have been increasing signs that they are busy rewriting the Palace playbook.

In April, to mark their ten-year wedding anniversary, they not only released the expected terraced photo of the two, but in a heavy style, Professional ‘Home Movie’ It boasted the kind of production values ​​that would put even Netflix to shame.

in may they Launched his own YouTube channel, the first royal family to run their exclusive offering on the site, with an inspiring introductory video showing them behind the scenes and Kate giggling.

Later that month, Lord Dyson released his report into the BBC’s disastrous 1995 handling of Diana, Princess of Wales panorama Interview, William did not respond by putting pen to Kensington Palace note paper but Making an entirely unprecedented, and emotional, statement to the camera,

On the work front, the couple is also making waves, with Kate launching The Royal Foundation Center for Early Childhood in June and William’s first Earthshot award taking place in October, the first of ten such outings in a decade, bringing in $92.5 The staggering view of the million will be directed towards finding solutions to the climate crisis.

Certainly, all this may not coincide with Henry VIII’s decision to secede from Rome in 1534, but the Cambridges have also been quietly taking a distinctly heterogeneous and secretly progressive approach to their family life, but Even his day job.

What sets this card apart is it proves that even if you have the Queen’s email address (she has one from 2007) and are a real HRH, you can still enjoy an impressive degree of privacy. and can roam around the world without tampering. The press is finding out.

While Kensington Palace has revealed the country where this shot was taken, where the family was in the Middle Eastern nation, when they were there or even what they were doing so far from their SWI postcode, Not a single scherik has been told about this. He was spied at Heathrow in October, with speculation that he was on an overseas trip at the time, and it may have been a family excursion, but this is guesswork at best.

Similarly, the Cambridges managed to head to the south of France for their brother James Middleton’s recent wedding and celebrate the wedding without even one of them, the solitary blurry iPhone shot.

While Diana was largely intimidated by a predatory press pack, to be a member of the royal family today is to be able to move on with her life and, overall, stay under-the-radar. There was never a picture of either Kate or William at their children’s school or of Kate at the weekly tennis lesson at the Hurlingham Club. Nor do we see her shopping, getting her hair done and spending time with her sister Pippa Matthews, all things she enjoys on a regular basis.

The Duchess of Cambridge manages to move on with her life and does it without being in the eye of a media storm, which is curious as it stands in contrast to the photo posted earlier by Meghan, Duchess of Sussex while talking to Oprah Winfrey Is. this year. Recalling conversations with “people within the firm” she said she would ask,

“‘Can I go and have lunch with my friends?’ ‘No, no, no, you’re oversaturated, you’re everywhere, it would be best for you not to go out to lunch with your friends. I go, ‘Well, I haven’t… I’ve had months Haven’t left the house.'”

It can’t be denied even for a second that getting married in the House of Windsor is an apparently isolating experience that dramatically rearranges a woman’s entire existence, but Kate and William have taken the bar. It has been proven time and time again that you can go on with life without your every salad. The shoe-shopping campaign and manicure ended in the days of the tabloids.

When Kate joined the royal family back in 2011, it looked like she’d be as subversive as the Philip Treacy Chapel in Ascot or the G&T surrounded by some Dorgis. Instead, he … is one half of the most radical royal catalyst pairing since Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. It’s always cool, isn’t it?

Daniela Elser is a royal expert and writer with over 15 years of experience working with many of Australia’s leading media titles.



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