‘Karen’ neighbor upset about how man mows his lawn ‘wrongly’, regrets it.

I always thought the old “get off my lawn” guy you see in movies was just a comedy trope. Well, it turns out, there are people who, while not completely skipping the “get off my lawn” stuff, still skip a similar vibe when it comes to their grass. A “why didn’t y’all mow my lawn properly” thing.

And speaking of which, one Redditor shared a story about how his neighbor decided to ruin a good thing — a perfectly fine lawn mower — as a total hack. But by being entitled and demanding that they mow some extra on top of the lawn they are already doing. For free they are not really bound. And thus they are no longer bound.


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You might think the old “get off my lawn” guy is a comedy trope, but it feels real when you find out why “y’all didn’t mow my lawn properly”.

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Meet Redditor u/James324285241990. James lives on a street corner property with a very geometrically straight section of lawn—a rectangle divided by a sidewalk in the middle (so, two rectangles). Some beautiful Texas heather runs along the edge of the property, acting as a fence of sorts.


Given the way the plant and technical property line are located in space (and time, presumably), the OP has to do some weeding on the patch of land on the other side of the natural fence. And even though their property ends about a foot before the neighbor’s driveway, they also mow the neighbor’s lawn—he might as well. If anything, it’s a good gesture and just good neighborliness. But also because the neighbor does a poor job of maintaining it. but, ShhhDon’t tell him that!

A story came to light where a man received some rightful demands in response to his neighbor’s gesture of mowing the neighbor’s grass.


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Well, apparently, this friendly gesture went unappreciated for being entitled. During one of James’ regular lawn-mowing sessions, a wild next-door neighbor appears with a seemingly kind, but not really, request. Well, several… you know, tell him his lawn is worthless.

In addition to mowing that small patch of lawn—something OP does out of generosity and perhaps a little because he values ​​beauty and order—the neighbor asked OP to trim the edges of the driveway on his side ( Something the OP didn’t do, you have to draw the line somewhere), and then don’t leave any trimmings on the driveway (again, this is where the neighbor should have gotten the hint to pick up the slack), and then he cut the grass down. Dare to say for. So he won’t have to mow it very often (but when the weather gets hot enough to cook eggs on the hood of the car, the tall greenery helps manage that, so, no thanks).

Specifically, if they were going to mow that small section of lawn, they might as well mow the driveway and do other things, right? Well, no


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Rushing about responsibilities, decency, and the like led to the neighbor not backing down from his rightful demands, and the result was that if he didn’t like how the OP did the lawn, the respect would be the neighbor’s. James stopped.

So, did the neighbor really deserve it, or did some beef or context lead to it? In an interview with KristenBellTattoos.comJames put it simply: “Just entitled. We don’t really know each other. If he has beef, he picked it up because I didn’t do anything.”


A back-and-forth ensued, a petty vendetta ensued, the neighbor’s lawn was not mowed, and a $150 fine was issued.

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“So pay your ticket and mow your lawn. Or get another ticket.”

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Well, after a while — long enough to not mow that patch of grass for the right people to see — the neighbor came in with reference in hand, and said that the OP’s weakness and subsequent mowing of the land Closed which is not at all. The neighbor had to be fined to begin with. No, certainly not the neighbor’s lack of trying to do something about it. It can’t be. Okay fine? “thanks so much!” the neighbor concluded.

What happened next was something you might see more on r/MurderedByWords than r/PettyRevenge. The OP replied:

“Bud, if you think this is my problem, call 311 and ask them to come out and reissue the citation to whoever owns the land that has the weed on it. I think so. You’ll notice that the property line follows the fence (point at line) making everything 12 inches east of your driveway. You don’t like how I’m doing it, so I stopped. So pay your ticket and mow your lawn. Or get another ticket.”

Mic drop.

It didn’t take long for the story to get some attention from people online.

Satisfying as it ends. But what happened next? We have to know! Well, the OP explained that there wasn’t really any further development in the story: “He learned his lesson and started mowing his lawn. A problem I almost had (I have cameras, so I nip it in the bud) he was possibly planning to poison the grass there.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the quote was for $150. And if it is not addressed, it gets worse. The OP explained that the fine could increase and the city could take matters into its own hands and hire a landscaper to mow the lawn and charge the neighbor. Or confiscate the property. But assuming he was a tenant, the landlord might have intervened before that happened.

And people love themselves some little revenge that gets out of hand and now someone has to pay $150. In addition to appreciating the OP’s approach to dealing with the privilege, some people have asked why not mowing the lawn can be fined, and that’s because tall grass combined with hot and humid water is just fine. And the wind could cause danger levels to Australia. And no one wants that in their yard.

The OP also spent a lot of time responding to people in the comments section, where we also learn that they planted some more greenery to eliminate the need to mow the other side of the Texas heather. So, hey, problem solved!

Well, it’s funny to think that the OP considered more deviant options before settling on small shrubs and ornamental grasses: “I considered planting some aggressive ground cover under the hedge I added on this side. .

The post got some love in the form of 5,600 upvotes and a handful of Reddit awards. You can read the post in context. Here. But before you go let us know your thoughts on the whole situation. And remember to be kind, as the OP concludes: “Be nice to your neighbors. Use your words. Show gratitude, and realize we’re all in this together.”

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