Kardashian fans shocked after Kim North’s daughter shares ‘unflattering’ mom’s no makeup video to unedited TikTok

Kim Kardashian posed without makeup in a new TikTok video, shocking fans.

The Hulu star shared screen time again during a video with her eldest daughter North, nine.



Kardashian fans shocked after Kim North’s 9-year-old daughter shares ‘unflattering’ videoCredit: kimandnorth/TikTok
Kardashian fans are used to seeing Kim in glamorous clothes.


Kardashian fans are used to seeing Kim in glamorous clothes.Credit: Instagram/ Kimkardashian

in videoNorth and Kim are sitting on the couch towards the end of the video.

North takes viewers on a two-minute journey through her skincare routines using various products from Kim’s Skkn line.

Towards the end of the video, she lays down on her mom and asks, “Do you see the difference in my face?”

An angle of the video shows Kim lying without makeup and what appears to be bruised and swollen lip shock fans.


The video was filmed on the popular Kardashian Reddit page, where fans spoke out in a thread titled: “Northies with good angles.”

“Omfg! Migrating lip filler! Is that a scar on her nostril? Maybe brow scars? one fan asked.

One critic wrote, “You can literally see the filler.”

Another claimed, “You can finally see the scar from a facelift!”


“However, I’m excited to finally see her real textured skin. I feel better haha,” wrote another.

“I thought she had melasma, like I had during pregnancy, but she stays in the same place, and her melasma moves across her face. Now I think these are bruises from the injection of Botox and filler, ”explained another.

This isn’t the first time fans have caught a glimpse of the reality star without makeup.


In another TikTok video, the Hulu star used a fringe styler on North, which lifts the edges of her hair and smooths baby hairs.

North appeared calm at first, then took the brush from her famous mom’s hand, lip-syncing to audio during the video.


“Don’t play with him. Don’t play with him. Come on baby. Don’t play with him,” he said.

The mother of four tried not to laugh until the video ended.

But it was Kim who stood out the most in red Christmas pajamas, with her long blond hair loose and no makeup on her face.

The Skims founder looked like she was wearing just a little mascara as she showed off her real skin.

In a previous video, Kim took the opportunity to proudly show off her aging skin.


In a rare moment on camera, the 42-year-old was sitting on the couch next to her daughter, looking casual in sweat and no makeup.

Kim and North sang a cover of Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas.

The Kardashian star showed off her real eye bags, wrinkles and textured skin.

Earlier this month, North caught her mom in a moment where she wasn’t wearing makeup.


Meanwhile, fans criticized Kim for not watching her teenage daughter when North went live on Tiktok with her cousin.

North recently went live on Tiktok with her cousin Penelope Disick, 10.

She stood in Kim’s bathroom and read the comments.

The girl looked at the screen when her mother’s voice was heard in the background, saying, “Hi.”

North then nervously stepped away from the screen as her mom entered the room.

Kardashian fans reposted part of the video on Reddit and asked where Kim was.

“… I think Penelope told her that North was live because she finished it shortly after she entered the room.

“I thought she was making sure North was online. This is not the first time and not the last. Mm,” another user commented.

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One worried fan asked, “Where was Kim in the beginning? Why didn’t she watch the comments all the time?”

Kim regularly appears in North TikTok videos.


Kim regularly appears in North TikTok videos.1 credit
Kim appeared in the video without makeup.


Kim appeared in the video without makeup.
North accompanied her mother on business trips abroad.


North accompanied her mother on business trips abroad.1 credit

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