Kanye West Allegedly Showed Explicit Pics of Kim to Employees

Kanye West reportedly showed his employees candid photos of his ex Kim Kardashian.

Kanye has been criticized for showing personal photos.

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With many people saying it should have been kept private.


Scroll to know about the picture…

Kanye is undoubtedly one of the most controversial celebrities in music…

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From her divorce from Kim to her Paris Fashion Week debacle, the star is no stranger to scandal.

These days it seems to be taking part with the best-selling artist…

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Amid all the debate surrounding him, it’s easy to forget Kanye’s impact on the music industry.

The 45-year-old is one of the world’s leading hip-hop artists.

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Since their 2004 debut album College dropoutthe star has had both critical and commercial success in the charts.


He has won a total of twenty-four Grammy Awards and has sold over 160 million records.

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Kanye is also known for working with a range of artists from all genres, including big-name stars such as Jay-Z and Kid Cudi.

However, for many of us, this is not where we know Kanye from…

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His outspoken views have found him in the headlines of all sorts of controversies over the past few years.


And none of that was helped by his high-profile divorce from Kim Kardashian.

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The couple got married in 2014, and share 4 children together.

The former power couple’s divorce has not been smooth sailing, with the duo engaging in public spats.

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Inaugural Speech by Kim Saturday Night Live In October 2021 you get a taste of her wild nature: “I married the best rapper ever … a genius, legal genius, who gave me 4 incredible children.

“So when I divorced him, you have to know that it came down to just one thing: his personality.”

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it is Reported After hearing this, Kanye walked out of the audience… Ouch!

Kim’s appearance on the show also led to a blossoming relationship between the reality star and SNL Cast member Pete Davidson.

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And, well, things got worse from there…

Until the beginning of this year, Kanye was dating model Julia Fox.

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The couple was very public about their somewhat tumultuous but short-lived relationship.


And things really started to heat up in mid-January, with Kanye accusing Kim of not inviting him to his daughter’s birthday party.

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News of Chicago’s birthday surprised fans, who assumed the pair were planning co-parenting.

Kanye then continued to publicly blame Kim for various parenting problems.

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He told Hollywood Unlock that Kardashian was denying her access to their children — claims that Kim’s team denied.

Then, Kanye came for Pete, releasing a song titled ‘Eazy,’ where the rapper threatened to “get beat up.” [his] Mattress.”

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Kim hit back, sharing a statement on her Instagram that said: “Kanye’s obsession with trying to control and manipulate our situation so negatively and publicly only causes more pain for everyone. Is.”

Despite this, Kanye continued to publicly declare his love for Kim and his distaste for Pete, whom he began to dub as ‘scat’.

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It came to light in April this year when Page six reported that Kanye, who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2016, told Kim that “he’s going to get help.”

In the wake of all this, both Kim and Kanye were declared legally single in March of this year.

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The couple remained married, but Kanye reportedly asked his lawyers to expedite the divorce process.


Things were pretty quiet until the summer, aside from Kim and Kanye’s lawyers battling it out.

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Except for the fact that Kim split from Pete in August, much to Kanye’s delight.

However, by September, Kanye was at it again with chaotic Instagram posts.

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The star kept sharing Kim’s private messages…

In Letters, Kinney shared There is her frustration about her lack of “control” over her children’s education.

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The musician also criticized Kris Jenner’s rule over the family and the way he handled his daughters’ Playboy shoots, saying he “wouldn’t let that happen to Northey and Chicago.”

However, Kanye’s controversy extends beyond just his family…

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Recently, the influence of the star in the world of fashion has also been called into question.

Yeezy, the star’s fashion brand, was recently mired in controversy after a shirt with the words “White Lives Matter” appeared on the catwalk at Paris Fashion Week.

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Kanye himself teamed up with right-wing commentator Candice Owens to wear the questionable outfit.

After the show, they reportedly Posted: “Everybody knows Black Lives Matter was a scam now it’s over you’re welcome.”

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The Instagram story was quickly deleted from her account.

After the reaction from the Yeezy show, Kanye appeared to fall into a bit of a spiral.

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The star began sharing anti-Semitic conspiracy theories on Instagram, including the suggestion that fellow rapper Daddy was being controlled by Jewish people.

After that, his Instagram account was suspended.

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As a result, the Atlanta native became active on Twitter again…

Kanye continued to make anti-Semitic comments, which also resulted in his Twitter account being banned.

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Several famous voices have spoken to musician John Legend to condemn Kanye. Tweeting: “Funny how all these ‘free, independent thinkers’ always come down to the same old blackness and anti-Semitism.”

Brands around the world have been quick to cut ties with the star.

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Notably, Vogue and Balenciaga have said they will not work with Kanye again.

However, Kanye’s biggest loss to date is Adidas, which ended his Yeezy partnership, saying the brand “does not tolerate anti-Semitism.”

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Forbes Reports say the move drops the rapper’s net worth from an estimated $2 billion to $400 million.

But there was some hope for Kanye…

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And it was all because of Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter…

Kanye’s account has been reinstated.

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But as soon as he returned to the platform, the rapper once again started posting highly controversial tweets…

He immediately wrote: “Testing testing to see if my twitter is blocked.”

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Then 5 hours later he followed it up with the traditional Hebrew greeting, “Shalom”, which landed the star in controversy, as it was his anti-Semitic comments that led to his previous ban.

Kanye also revealed that he is selling products from companies that cut ties with him.

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In a video published by a celebrity news site X17, Kanye visited his Los Angeles office where ten employees could be seen sitting behind sewing machines. As per ReportsHundreds of garments were hung on racks throughout the workshop, or placed on tables and spread out on the floor.

But it also included several pieces labeled “Ye24,” a nod to Kenney’s 2024 presidential campaign.

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“So what do we do here, I cut 100 hoodies. From Yeezy, to Balenciaga, the stuff we’ve done with Gap, the stuff we’ve done with Adidas, and everything we do costs $20,” Kanye said.

He continued: “We need to ensure that everyone has the same level of deduction, the same level of food, the same level of water and the same level of education.

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“We’re creatures with engineering opportunities. We’re moving past the past. We’re focusing on the future.”

The hoodies were reportedly made before the companies cut ties with Kanye after his anti-Semitic comments.

then, Page six reported that court papers show the star “did not appear” for the couple’s deposition.

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The Nov. 16 meeting was rescheduled for Nov. 29, but if he fails to appear again, a judge will hold a hearing on whether Kanye “is permitted to present any testimony, oral or written,” the documents state. shows from

The couple’s trial date is set for Dec. 14, so they have until then to “minimize the issues” or resolve them.

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They are currently in settlement negotiations.

However, the rapper’s former employees have now made interesting revelations.

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rolling Stone Published a report showing the types of “intimidation tactics” used on former staff members.

The allegations include claims by a young employee that the star showed her a candid photo of Kim during a 2018 job interview.

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“My wife just sent me this,” he reportedly said as he then showed her a “very revealing and personal” photo on his phone.

At least one other former crew member has alleged that Kanye shared explicit videos of Kim.

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A third person confirmed that Kanye was “not afraid to show candid photos or talk about situations that should be kept private” when asked about the matter.

The allegations come in the context of a the film In which Kanye can be seen showing Adidas executives p*rn.

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What do you think of Kanye’s latest news?

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