Kai Caster Describes the Full Yellowstone Audition Cycle

That’s because Kai Custer has a pretty long history with Yellowstone’s Taylor Sheridan. In fact, as Caster noted in a recent interview PopternativeSheridan was one of his first champions and even served as his acting coach during his lettuce days. “Funny enough, Taylor Sheridan was actually my acting coach as a kid,” Caster laughed, adding, “He coached me in my first auditions and stuff and really showed me everything at a young age.”


Sheridan has built a reputation for supporting his actors over the years, so it’s no surprise that he found a way to cast an actor he personally took under his wing. As it turns out, Rhodey wasn’t the first role Sheridan had in mind for his former student, with Custer remarking, “He thought of me in the first season and asked me to audition for the role of Jimmy. [Hurdstrom]Jefferson White portrays this fan-favorite character with an affable charm, and even Custer admits he excels in the role.

It appears that Sheridan later tried to introduce Caster into the Yellowstone narrative as a young Casey Dutton, but those scenes were eventually thrown out. “Then Rhodey showed up,” Custer continued, “and Taylor called me and said, ‘You are Rhodey. So the circle is closed.” Custer and Sheridan’s patience in finding the right role paid off enormously, with the actor playing one of the strongest supporting roles in the fifth season of Yellowstone. And even if Rhodey doesn’t show up again, Caster’s job ensures he’ll be around long before he’s forgotten.


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