Joyride’s Lochlann O’Miran says working with Olivia Colman was ‘a little scary’

In “Joyride,” Olivia Colman plays Joy, a lawyer who unexpectedly finds herself helping a little boy named Mally (Charlie Reed) who is on the run from his father (Lochlann O’Miraine) and is trying to recover a large amount of money his dad stole ( per. Diversity). In a joint interview with the film’s director Emer Reynolds, O’Miraine shared with movie web some unique anecdotes about what Colman’s process is like as she prepares to shoot a scene. He talked about how she doesn’t like to rehearse and prefers to just let loose in front of the camera when she starts to roll. The actress also admitted that her process was “a bit intimidating” but also liberating in that “you’re on the edge, there’s no insurance, you have to really let go and let things happen. It’s really exciting.”


Although the “Father” co-star may not have wanted to rehearse “Happy Ride,” other actors who worked with her talked about her acting talents during rehearsals. in british “This morning,” Heartstopper star Keith Connor was asked by the co-host if he made Colman cry during rehearsal. The British actor responded by talking about a scene in which the two performers were talking about the experiences of the character Keith (Nick Nelson), and Olivia Colman immediately started crying. He then shared how that raw emotion in line showed him that he needed to “significantly step up his game.”

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