John Oliver Recognizes Kim Kardashian’s Influence In Helping Solve Art Fraud Scheme –

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John Oliver is back with a new episode on HBO and HBO Max. Last week tonight Where Kim Kardashian got a special mention. The comedian praised the entrepreneur for helping solve an art fraud scheme a few years ago.

“A few years ago, at the Met Gala, the year 2018,” Oliver said. “Kim Kardashian made an appearance wearing head-to-toe Atelier Versace that was exclusively gold.”


Oliver showed a photo of the Egyptian Nedjamankh’s sarcophagus that was then acquired by the Met Museum. Dressed in gold, Kardashian posed with the golden casket and the photo went viral on social media.

An anonymous informant reported to international authorities that the casket had been looted and the museum was fooled into buying it for $4 million. Oliver was impressed by Kardashian’s strength and added, “She has a real knack for standing next to men and creating incredible images that look like they’ve died a long time ago.”

As Oliver hits the punchline of his joke, a photo of himself is next to it The Kardashians The star was seen making fun of himself on screen.

The episode of the late-night show continued to focus on dealers not doing their due diligence when acquiring art pieces that are often stolen. Oliver took another swipe at Kardashian when he noted that museums can’t just sit back and do research and wait “until Kim Kardashian takes a picture of us in front of something and we’re internationally humiliated.” It can’t all be her responsibility, she’s too busy revolutionizing shapewear.


Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Airs Sunday nights at 11 pm ET on HBO and HBO Max.

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