Jim Parsons talks about his role as Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory

Jim Parsons was a guest on a recent episode “Life is Short with Justin Long” in which the cast discussed everything from Parsons’ upbringing to his screen career. The topic of Sheldon Cooper came up once or twice, and Parsons shared some interesting thoughts about his current thoughts on playing him again.


During the conversation, Long asked Parsons about the possibility of portraying a socially awkward theoretical physicist on an Old Sheldon series at some point. Unfortunately for fans, Parsons doesn’t like that prospect at the moment, but he will consider it in the future. “At the moment? Hell no,” Parsons said. “In 30 years? May be. Then you’ll have to ask me, depending on how good the beach I live on is.”

Parsons went on to say that life is long and he does not always want to be associated with the opinions he has expressed in the past. He has been known to change his mind, and his past quotes should not be taken as gospel. “Recently I said something, for this reason I never re-read interviews or anything like that, because I’m like: “I didn’t want to be associated with an opinion that I had about some random September 2002!”


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